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… it’s greetings. Eric Bakker, The Naturopath from down the
bottom of the world, from New Zealand. Thanks for tuning in. I have a question here from a subscriber,
Habiba Ibrahim. Sounds like a Jewish person. “Shalom, my friend, shalom. Hello. I want to ask you, when I’ve taken a tablet
of CanXida Remove and CanXida Restore, one in the morning and one in the night, when
should I take CanXida Rebuild? Help me please. I’m confused.” Okay, let’s go over this again. I’ve spoken a few times now about the CanXida
supplementation, about when to take them and what to take, and how many you could take
for example. Please be sure to look at the playlists of
CanXida, okay? You’ll find playlists on this channel regarding
CanXida supplements, but each CanXida supplement has got its own playlist where you can look
at multiple videos. I’ve spoken about those supplements, so do
check those out, okay? So CanXida Remove normally is taken twice
per day in most cases. Some people take it once, some people take
it three times, twice a day is generally enough. So if you’re going to do it long-term, one
tablet, if you’re going to do it short-term, three tablets, but one tablet usually twice
per day with meals is good. Can either be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s your choice. Breakfast and dinner are usually good times
to take Remove. Restore’s a capsule. So the capsule I usually recommend you take
with breakfast, if you’re going to take two per day, and then take one before bed. And the before bed one means you’re going
to take it away from food, which is important, okay? If you’re going to take it really for things
like bad Candida, constipation or diarrhea, you want more of a powerful effect on the
gut, take three per day with meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Okay? You can do that short-term for four to six
weeks. That should work quite well for you. If you’re going to take CanXida Restore long-term,
I recommend one per day. Sometimes two, if it’s chronic. And again, take one with a meal and take the
other one away from a meal. So you’re targeting two particular types of
therapeutic angles and you’ll see in the other videos I talk about them. So what about CanXida Rebuild? That’s the multivitamin. What do you do with Rebuild? Well Rebuild is best taken, again, either
lunch or dinner. Take with food, always with food, take one
per day. They can be a bit big for some people, but
they break up quite easily. I didn’t put lots of binders and fillers and
junk in with this tablet. I want it to be quite a pure high quality
product, so can be a little bit chunky and loose, but that’s okay. It easily blends in with food and consider
it a food, so consume it with your food, okay? One per day is normally all you need. If you’re very unwell or sick, or need a good
boost two per day is going to work better for you, one twice per day. So there you have it. Remove, Restore, Rebuild. They work very well together indeed. Most people will take these products anywhere
between one month up to about three months, sometimes six months. I’ve got some patients who’ve been unwell
for 15 to 20 years that have been on the CanXida products now for 18 months, and they’re still
improving. It can take a long time to get better if you’ve
been sick for a long, long time. So there you have it, Habiba. Thank you very much for your question. Shalom.

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