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um my best friend cardamom cardamom is
honestly one of my new favorite herbs I love it so much because of this like
sweet pungent II like tasty kick that it gives to you hi guys welcome back my
name is Clare this is Clareminded and today I’m talking about the cardamom
benefits for weight loss and then ayurvedic plant-based cooking with
cardamom this is our herb of the week welcome to herbalism 101 ayurveda basics and in today’s episode I’m gonna be showing you a couple ayurvedic plant based recipes and we’re gonna be using cardamom for a cardamom
banana lime smoothie check that out it’s really really tasty and then we are
making a cardamom a rice pudding that also has vanilla and cinnamon it’s super
tasty you know kind of like herbs that sweet tooth and kind of a good excuse to
have some sweets in the morning or it’s a very easily digestible food after I’m
also gonna be giving you the benefits of cardamom and how we use it in ayurveda and just kind of where it came from all together so we’re gonna start with
the backstory of cardamom the benefits and then I’m gonna get into the
ayurvedic plant-based cooking recipes okay so we’re gonna start from an
ayurvedic perspective and introducing cardamon to you to me to everyone we’re
going to share it experience this herb together
cardamom is one of my new favorite herbs and I’ve been using it a lot especially
in my oatmeal and some of my cooking stuff but it’s this sweet herb but it
also has a bitter and a pungent kick to it in ayurveda it’s considered a warming so
like a slightly warming spice so it’s actually tridoshic unless pitta uses it in excess which is rare because it’s so pungent that you’re
you’d only need a little bit to suffice in a recipe or anything that it is
considered tridoshic because it’s really slightly warming and it has
enough bitterness to kind of carry through and be good for the pitta dosha
so essentially cardamom is tridoshic so that means it’s good for all three
doshas some common uses that we would use cardamom for in ayurveda are things
like to relieve gas it’s considered a carminative so it helps expel gas so if
you’re dealing with any like indigestion it
helps release that gas it’s also a dipana so it stimulates your agni but
because it’s only slightly warming it’s considered okay for pitta dosha
because it’s not too hot not too pungent there and then it’s also considered an
antiemetic so what that means is that it stops the action of vomiting or feeling
nauseous cardamon will actually like relieve you
of that nausea a cardamom actually helps stimulate urine production too so if
you’re dealing with any backed up or like toxins in your body
cardamon is a really good herb to sip on a tea and that will kind of help
increase your urine production which will ultimately help you remove toxins
from your body and then it’s also a great herb because it helps remove any
built-up mucus in your respiratory system kapha dosha hello get used to this
one so cardamon is an expectorant which means it helps expel mucus from the body
so if you’re dealing with a lot of like congestion like kapha dosha hello you’re
gonna want to intake some cardamom because it’s gonna relieve you of that
backup congestion or mucus production that you have in your body so another
good benefit of cardamom so now in an ayurvedic plant-based cooking I’m
gonna give you a couple of recipes here that you can use cardamom for because
like I said it’s a great digestive herb it’s amazing to kind of help with the
body and in ayurveda how we use it for some plant based cooking it’s
actually a very strong digestive stimulant because the aromatics of
cardamom are so rich and powerful that means it’s a digestive herb helps
stimulate the agni that digestive fire so in cooking like plant-based recipes
with cardamom it’s amazing because it helps stimulate that Agni because of all
these rich aroma is that it feeds off so in regards to weight loss cardamom it
can be used as a beneficial for weight loss if you’re looking to do that
because it increases that Agni so our digestive fire is moving quicker
we’re removing mucus in that body which hello that stagnation can cause
excessive weight gain which we don’t want so having the cardamom in our diets
it’s gonna relieve yourself of any of that congestion and
stimulate that agni, it is gonna kind of help all that food move through you efficiently
it’s gonna expel gas it’s gonna be an amazing herb and you can just have
cardamom tea in so what you do is you just put you know like a teaspoon of
cardamom in water let it steep for 10 minutes and then sip that now we are
going to get into a couple recipes using our star cardamom and we are going to be
making a lime banana cardamom smoothie and then I’ll be showing you how to make
a cardamom rice pudding all right continuing our journey in the
kitchen we’re gonna make a cardamom banana banana smoothie it’s super super
satiating it’s good we’ll have that kick of the cardamom in there but we’re then
we’re just gonna have banana lime and some coconut milk so it’s gonna be like
fully fatty fully fresh delicious thick creamy all the goodness with that
cardamom kick okay so for the smoothie we’re gonna be using two bananas we’re
gonna use a cup of freshly made coconut milk you can also sell any type of plant
milk that you want we’re gonna use the coconut though because it’s really good
for the pitta dosha then we’re going to juice one lime we’re
gonna toss in a date to kind of help give it a little extra sweetness and
then the star of the show is cardamom we’re going to be using 1/2 teaspoon of
this and this smoothie is going to be vata and pitta reducing but kapha
increasing and there we go super easy banana lime
cardamom coco milkshake that’s good the limes go kick in there too a banana in
the cocoa or sweet delicious you got the date in there adding that extra kick and
then the cardamom pops through at the end cardamom bay bay so for this
recipe we’re going to make cardamon rice pudding and this is going to be
super great also for the vata and pitta dosha because coconut is cooling for
pitta thumbs up and it’s also we got rice in there easily digest digestible
which is great for vata and we have the cardamom which is like a nice little
warming spice for vata but not too pungent for pitta and it’s good it’s
just grounding it’s sweet we got the heaviness into it we’re gonna add
cinnamon we’re gonna add vanilla cardamon coconut milk and then some
coconut sugar in there as well we’re gonna just soak it all together so it
gets a nice flavorful and then top it with some seeds and nuts on top and
enjoy okay so now we’re moving into our beautiful cardamon rice pudding so first
what we’re gonna do is we’re going to get a cup of our plant milk we’re gonna
add the cinnamon and the cardamon and just let it boil up for about a minute
and then add the other spices the rice and let that simmer for about 10 so
first grab that fresh coco or whatever plant milk if you’re using so we have a cup
of the fresh cocoa teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon of
cardamom teaspoon of vanilla two tablespoons of
sweetener we’re using coconut sugar here and then we add the rice so we add a cup and a half of cooked rice okay so we have our beautiful rice
pudding here so we added all the rest of the ingredients and now we’re just gonna
bring it to a nice little simmer put the lid on top and let that kind of stew for
about ten minutes oh look at that juiciness okay so we want it to
be like a little sticky like that if you want to make it thinner you can add more
coconut milk and there we go we have our cardamon
rice pudding with some slivered toasted almonds and blueberry option to add
sweetener and dig in so this rice pudding it’s super easy
it’s super delicious you can have a dessert you can for breakfast really
anything that you are craving closing Now this episode was about learning
herbalism and we were using cardamom this week and I gave you the benefits
that you can use for weight loss as well as some ayurvedic plant-based cooking
recipes using cardamom

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