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Hello All..This is Vishwas from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will brief you about the career opportunities in Medical Transcription The role of internet technology has not only
profited the IT field, but also all the other arenas including medical fields. With plenty
people making their visit to the hospitals, doctors found it hard to handle various medical
records. The health care professionals were muddled and irritated in retrieving the files
of patients who visited for consultation. This is where medical transcription popped
into the scenario. Doctors use to record their reports of audio
files, where medical transcriptionist types the history on a word document from those
verbalized files. By heeding the audio speech of the doctors and professionals, PC and other
materials can be used for accomplishing medical transcription task. The medical transcriptionist would be ready to offer their services for various branches
in the medical industry. Few branches would be the ENT dictation services, radiology dictation
services, Psychiatry services, Ophthalmology dictation services, Physical therapy dictation
services, Internal medicine dictation services, cardiology dictation services, sports medicine,
orthopedic, family practice, radiation oncology and plenty more. The medical transcription course is available through many private institutes, vocational
schools and also through online distance learning courses. Depending upon the course and school
the course may be completed in 3 months or a year. Associate degree programs are also
offered by various institutes across the nation. A 2 year time is required for degree course
which includes health care documentation, grammar, punctuation, anatomy, medical terminology
and more. Almost all people adopt medical transcription as a home based job and take
up training either online or through private institutes for about 2 months.
When job career is taken into account, medical transcription works in hospitals or doctor’s
office. Apart from home based job, An MT also works in offices or corporations who provide
services for transcription for health care establishments, medical centers, and hospitals.
Recent statistics mentions that MT’s have an elevated potential growth and so their
salary ranges from $21 per hour and if your expert in the same it would be $27.50 which
is remarkable. Being interested in medical transcription
job one can get to office environment where there are a number of companies which offer
job as well as training. A few of them include • Rekha technologies private ltd
• MT4MD • ADS solution private limited
• Vee technologies private limited • CBay systems India private limited
• Bhilwara Scribe private limited • Acroseas global solutions
• Alfa E-solution private solutions • AtPune transcription services
• Doctors transcribe • Intelliscript- transcription private limited
• Mediland Transtech private limited • Omni scribe solutions limited
Government hospitals and clinics who require transcription services may recruit experienced
medical transcriptionists. Job opportunities are also available abroad in leading countries
like UAE, Singapore, and many other countries. Contracting work from foreign countries is
another way which has made MT popular and paved way for various home based workers.
One can start working as a medical transcriptionist in an office or other services and once experience
is gained, elevation to higher positions is offered. In that manner MT field has perfect
job growth. Home based writers can also write more or develop teams and lead them individually. is an informative site which offers complete details about jobs and
its eligibility criteria’s. Private, as well as government jobs are classified and
graduates can carry on with their hunt in that manner we will be back with more such videos please stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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  1. Even +2 or intermediate completed people can join. Joining in training is not matter, successful completion of training and getting job is important. As per my knowledge any background people can join.

  2. Sir I m a medical transcriptionist
    Done my diploma
    & An experience of 3years
    Now I want start homebased
    How will I get work

  3. Sir, i am non life science student, i studied MSc electronics so medical coding good for me or not and what is the future scope for me

  4. The IT has destroyed medical field.All kinds of rubbish gadgets and lab tests giving misleading diagnoses.Thats the contribution of technology towards medicine.

  5. I am a medical student from pakistan can you tell if i might do something online related to medical feild so that i earn some pocket money …

  6. If anyone planning to enter into this sector then just stay away as this work is done completely by software that are developed to save time and are more accurate.

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