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17 thoughts on “Caribbean Doctor Speaks the Truth on Caribbean Medical Schools

  1. Caribbean medical schools offer MD programs. Not sure why he always referred to it as MD vs Caribbean. It's the same program just that one is of lesser quality and will need the medical students to work harder to acquire knowledge and experience that US med schools normally provide their students. If you're self-motivated you can do just fine with a Caribbean med schoool. It's MD too!

  2. Love everything you're doing with the channel Dr. Jubbal! Keep up the great work and let's get a day in the life of EM. Had to put this out because it was really the only thing that frustrated me throughout the video. Everything else was pretty much spot on. The title "MD" is short for Doctor in Medicine. This title is not exclusive to the US. A Caribbean graduate is an MD just obviously not graduated from a US medical school. The distinction would be "Caribbean MD" vs. "US MD".

  3. Great video. I do not have an issue with what path people take but I do have a problem with individuals who mistreat others once they reach a certain level. I have seen Caribbean MD/DO's mistreat nurses, etc. when some of these nurses went to elite institutions. I do not get this vibe from this guy. Awesome story.

  4. This was a phenomenal honest interview. I find these personal interviews to be great anecdotal story lines that can viewers can really connect with

  5. Good day sir ,I am from India. Would joining be a good proposition for Indians to become America. Please please please do reply. Your advice will be very fruitful for all of us. Thanks from india.

  6. From someone with age on the other side of the spectrum, I am not applying to any schools in the US because I have a degree in Biology/Pre-Med. I have spent the last 15 years in the industry on the discovery side, physician side, clinical side, and some other aspects. The US will not acknowledge my degree because it is more than 5 years old. I got a degree from a fantastic 4 year university with a fantastic Medical school affiliated with it. The US wants me to take it all over again. I feel there is no need to do that. I have been taking some classes to refresh and helped with the MCAT, that I have taken. I do not feel like spending the money and the time to do all those courses again. Caribbean/European medical school is the best route for myself that I will be starting in 2020. I am following my dreams and they are allowing me not to have to spend more years to do so. Thank you for this video.

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