Taking Charge of Your Health The Carnival Sunshine is a great ship
for sailing with young kids. There are many activities available for your
little ones and these tips will help you enjoy them all. Our first tip is to get familiar
with Camp Carnival. Featuring tons of kid-friendly activities,
Camp Carnival is available for kids ages 2 to 11 – including little ones who are NOT
potty trained – and our 5-year-old loved every minute. Camp Carnival hosts an open house on Embarkation
day for parents to tour the facilities, pick up activity schedules, and register kids. Be aware that the camp has a VERY strict sign
in and sign out policy, so be sure to authorize select family members during registration
or they will NOT be able to pick up your child. Completing the online registration before
you board makes the process go much faster. Camp activities are typically available throughout
the day, including Port Days. The Night Owls program is available for late
night – after 10 pm until 1 in the morning – for a nominal charge. Take note that Camp Carnival drop-off might
not be available until after 10 pm on Embarkation day. For older kids, the Sunshine also has Circle
C, for kids ages 12-14, and Club 02, for kids ages 15-17. You can find daily schedules for all the kids
club activities on our website TheJellyBeans.Net Our next tip is to take advantage of all the
opportunities the Sunshine provides for burning off some extra energy. On Deck 10, there is a small toddler / preschool
playground with a slide, seesaw, and a pirate ship themed climbing structure located outside
Camp Carnival. There was always room for our little one to
play, but it is occasionally closed when it’s being used by Camp Carnival. And there is a bathroom nearby, just around
the corner toward the back of the ship under the stairs leading up to Sports Square. In addition to the playground, our little
JellyBean also enjoyed dancing and running around in Ocean Plaza when musical entertainment
was provided in the evenings. But of all the places that our JellyBean loved
to explore – The Liquid Lounge (when not in use) was her favorite. The lights in the entrance lobby mesmerized
her and, at 2 years old, she loved climbing up and down the stairs and
sitting in different seats. Tip number 3 is to pack your kids’ bathing
suits and watch them enjoy all the water fun aboard the Sunshine. The pools and whirlpools located at mid-ship
ARE available for kids to enjoy. Life jackets are provided but no lifeguards
are on duty. Be aware that children who are not potty trained
(and those in diapers or swim diapers) are NOT allowed to use the pool or whirlpools. And, if you need the bathroom,
the closest one to the pool is next to the Blue Iquana Cantina. Water Works, in the back of the ship, has
a Splash area and mini racer slides for the younger kids. But, just like the pool, Waterworks is off
limits to kids who are not potty trained. The bathroom, by the way, is located on the
left side of the ship underneath the stairs leading up to Sports Square. Kids who are at least 42 inches tall are allowed
to ride the blue and green Speedway Splash racing slides and the yellow Twister Waterslide. The racing slides are MUCH MUCH faster and
tend to have longer lines compared to the twister slide. If your kid is a bit nervous or doesn’t
want to wait in a long line, steer them to the yellow Twister slide. The best place for a photo op of your kid
coming down the slide is the bridge walkway that spans the slide exits. Our next tip is to consider Carnival’s
“Your Time Dining” when traveling with little ones. We prefer “Your Time Dining” simply
because the first seating starts 45 minutes earlier than the earliest seating for “Set
Time Dining.” It also gave us flexibility on the nights
our little JellyBean wanted to eat dinner with her friends in Camp Carnival. Dinner in the Main Dining rooms typically
took about 90 minutes, so we we suggest you bring a busy bag of activities to entertain
your little ones. A kids menu with standard kids fare of chicken
nuggets, hot dogs, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is provided, but kids are also
allowed to order from the adult menu. Tip number 5 is to be aware that there are
many options for family activities on the Sunshine. The Sport Square Sports Deck has Twister,
jumbo chess, ping pong, foosball, miniature golf, and more available. Indoor games can be found inside the RedFrog
Pub on deck 5 and in the Library Bar on deck 4. Our next tip is to set spending limits if
you give your kid spending privileges on your sign and sail account. While some places like The Cherry on Top sweets
shop have reasonable prices – and a great selection of candy – other places, like
the Warehouse arcade, can add up VERY quickly. Our seventh tip is to bring your kids’ medicine
with you on board the ship. The medication options in the gift shop are
limited, especially when it comes to medicine for children. We pack children’s pain reliever, fever
reducer and cold medicine that we use at home just in case we need it while sailing. Our next tip is to be prepared for stateroom
bathrooms designed for adults. The majority of the staterooms on the Sunshine
do not have a bathtub, so when JellyBean was smaller we brought along an inflatable baby
bathtub, which made life much easier. We also found that the layout of the bathroom
sink made it difficult for her to be able to wash her hands on her own, so we bring
a folding stool. Tip number 9 is to find the paper towels at
the automatic hand washing stations near the Lido Marketplace buffet if your child doesn’t
like using the loud hand dryers that are found in all of the public bathrooms. The automatic hand washing stations were a
big hit with kids, which helps make up for there not being any paper towels available
in the public restrooms. Our final tip is to be aware there are diaper
changing facilities in the handicapped bathrooms on the Sunshine. Each bathroom has a changing table, diaper
genie, and our favorite: hazardous waste bags. But, be aware that Carnival does NOT sell
diaper or baby supplies on board, so come prepared! The good news is, if you have a few too many
accidents, there are self-service laundry rooms located mid-ship on most stateroom decks. We hope these tips help you and your little
ones have the best cruise possible aboard the Carnival Sunshine!

7 thoughts on “Carnival Sunshine: Top 10 Tips for Parents, Kids, and Families

  1. Your videos are terrific and informative! I will mention, though, that Sunshine's security is WAY understaffed… so, cruising during "kid-happy" seasons (Christmas, Spring Break, etc.) can be a bit nerve-wracking. During these times, packs of obnoxious pre-teens and teens will form, and do their best to take over areas of the ship. They will even go as far as blocking doorways, stairwells, etc. During one cruise, the Serenity area wasn't monitored very well, and plenty of folks under 21 were allowed to create small havoc in the area. One even decided to "cannonball" into the Serenity pool, splashing adults around him and even ruining some of their books they had brought along to read. Not one person from security said a word to him. It wasn't until he brought his Bluetooth music speaker down and started blasting his own music in the area that they said something. Is this Carnival's fault? Not really… but, security should be MUCH stronger in these areas.

  2. I’m going on this cruise tomorrow lol I’m launching off of pert canaveril and I’m at a hotel and just resting for tomorrow lololol XD

  3. Thanks so much for this video. We are about to go on our first cruise with our three children and info about kid stuff is few and far between! Great info!!!

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