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The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in the
wrist. It is formed by wrist bones on the bottom and sides and a tough band of connective
tissue, called the transverse carpal ligament, on top. Muscle tendons and the median nerve
pass through the carpal tunnel. The median nerve controls muscles in the palm and base
of the thumb, allowing them to move. It also provides feeling to the thumb and nearby two
and a half fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where tissue swelling causes
pressure to build up within the carpal tunnel. This puts pressure on the median nerve. Over
time median nerve pressures results in symptoms in the areas of hand it supplies. Common symptoms
in these areas are pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. Risk factors for carpal tunnel
syndrome include a smaller carpal tunnel from being female or from genes passed down from
parents, wrist injuries, other medical conditions that cause inflammation, fluid buildup, or
nerve damage such as diabetes, pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, and hypothyroidism,
and repetitive hand or wrist motions. A common treatment for mild to moderate carpal tunnel
syndrome is keeping the wrist in a neutral position by wearing a brace or splint. In
addition, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, may help relieve pain. A
doctor may recommend a corticosteroid injection to reduce inflammation and swelling. For moderate
to severe symptoms, a doctor may recommend a surgical procedure called carpal tunnel
release. This procedure may be done as an open procedure through an incision between
the palm and wrist, or it may be done as an endoscopic procedure through a small keyhole
incision. The surgeon will perform this procedure with an endoscope, which is a device containing
a tiny camera and surgical instruments. In both procedures the transverse carpal ligament
will be cut to relieve pressure on the median nerve. At the end of either procedure the
incision will be closed with sutures.

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  1. Just stretch guys if ur a gamer sweat who spends all day gaming then make sure u stretch and shit I have a limit to my xbox for 2 hours each day

  2. I Iced and did exercises that I found on YouTube that was the best relieve I’ve gotten good luck getting rid of it gamers lul

  3. THIS IS WHAT HELPED ME: I had been suffering for months with the pain and tingling hands in the middle of the night, that even getting out of bed and trying to walked it up didn't work. I was desperate. I had been trying to get relief with the glove, stretching and taking ibuprofen before bed. Well, I found an article that suggested to place a pillow under my legs while in bed. OMG I'm telling you, this save my life. I haven't experienced another bad night since. Just stick with the pillow. I hope this helps you as has helped me.

  4. No paresthesia occur over thenar eminence of skin because this area is supplied by palmar cutaneous branch

  5. does carpal tunnel syndrome cause twitchy hands? When I try to practice my aim on video games after so long my hand starts twitching and I have to take a break for a couple of minutes. And I feel like its because I feel under pressure but I dont know if its that or if its my nerves doing something. Please help.

  6. Why is it that everybody developing symptoms of CTS come to these YT videos, but it never seems one person whom has had legit success comments? All there is for “success” stories are these My Carpal Tunnel Solution videos, but, literally, you can stretch your hands by yourself.

  7. had it done years ago. ( Mechanic ) . having problems again in left hand. going numb. Dose this ligament grow back together? stupid question I know. H don't want this surgery again

  8. i think i got symptoms .. but im confused if its by gaming or by work out ..maybe ill just need to rest more and do less weight training and less playing .. sad for a gamer!

  9. What's the after effects if the transverse ligament cut?

    It may cure CTS But does it cause for any other problem in hand?

  10. I'm pretty sure I have this. I do a lot of repetitive motion with both of my thumbs. I sometimes get a bit of pain and sometimes get a weird tingly (not really tingly) feeling. Do I need surgery or would a brace be good? I'm 13 btw.

  11. Sir please upload sensory innervation of upper limb and dermatomes_sensory nerve action potential of upper limb

  12. I was trying to hold my self with 1 hand and suddenly i falled,i feeled a pain i couldn't move my wrist up anymore I dont know is it cause of carpal tunnel or something else.

  13. If you want help getting rid of carpal tunnel then go here now:

    I love how the Mayo Clinic always leaves it easy simple and prompt always a great resource and I'm grateful to have you thanks for showing up on YouTube yet again I hope to find help soon because I'm hardly able to use my hands and just 6 weeks ago I had no pain whatsoever.

  14. "In both procedures, the transverse carpal ligament will be cut" does this mean they leave it "cut" like that?

  15. I have carpal tunnel in my right hand but its odd cuz ring finger and middle finger are the ones that go numb the most.

  16. So about a year ago i tripped over something and broke my fall by landing with my left hand aginst the wall, i got a immediate stabbing pain right by the thumb side of my wrist, after all this time its remained the same, not in constant pain but when using my thumb and it moves at a certain angle i get an immediate intense stabbing pain. As long as i dont use my thumb i can pick up heavy things without any pain, but if i must use my thumb in my grip that flash of intense pain is almost guarenteed. People have told me it sounds like carpal tunnel symptoms and appart from the injury i do play a lot of games and im a clothing designer so spend hours drawing, so after reading the comments here im wondering if this might be my problem after not wanting to accept what people were telling me for over a year. my fingers dont go numb ever, its just that stabbing pain when i try to pinch something between my thumb and point finger

  17. I love how I have a bandage around my wrist as I struggle to use my computer mouse.. which is the reason I have the bandage around my wrist. oh my gosh I’m literally stupid. I’m probably making it worse ?

  18. My left hand has that and i'm a gamer so is it because i use the keyboard too much?

    edit: also i have a HUGE anxiety about it and when i think it it hurts i don't know why lmao.

  19. I had both palms operated on due to severe pain in the first 3 fingers of both hands and numbness. NO MORE PAIN ! You can t even see any scars. HENRY FORD HOSPITAL Vickie

  20. I was told today I have this. I play Fallout 4 mostly on PC and I moved my fingers around very fast and weird so I blame Bethesda and my lack of discipline for my condition. Anyone else get CTS from Bethesda games?

  21. 2 months ago i felt like my left hand was always cold and like i would need to extend my fingers to relieve the coldness and because it felt sore. I burned my three finger tips on my left hand about a month ago. I been lifting weights at the gym and just 2 days ago I started playing bass after a long time. This morning I woke up with a burning sensation on my left three fingers, almost like I burned them again. I iced it, took medication then went back to sleep. 6 hours later and it started tingling. So I am icing it again and now the burning sensation is back. I think I am getting symptoms of carpal tunnel. I can’t go to the doctor because my insurance plan is back at school (still on summer break) so I don’t know what to do to relieve the pain!! Help! I want to head back to the gym but I don’t know if I should/could continue to lift weights

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