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How to quickly regenerate damaged cartilages. To regenerate these structures it is very
important to take a diet rich in amino acids, as they help us absorb calcium and produce
collagen to rebuild damaged tissues. One of the most common injuries of all people
is the tear in the cartilages, it is usually very painful, but lately it has been spoken
of that the feeding helps that this one can regenerate again and of more rapid way. Cartilage is a very flexible structure that
supports some weightless structures such as the pinna, the nose, and the joints, but there
are areas that are much more sensitive to damage such as the knee joints , which are
always the most affected by those who perform daily activities and very abrupt as athletes,
but can also affect the elderly by their body deterioration at a certain age. How is cartilage regenerated? The cartilage is regenerated according to
the consumption of the food. Another of the most common affections affecting the cartilage
of the ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and shoulders is arthritis , a disease well known
in these times, which affects almost all people from the age of forty, so that it becomes
necessary to have adequate nutrition so that the cartilaginous tissues can regenerate quickly. One of the most important amino acids for
the rapid regeneration of cartilage is lysine, which is responsible for absorbing calcium
and producing collagen to rebuild the damaged tissue , as well as improving the appearance
of the skin and the firmness of the tendons. Studies conducted on this … A study conducted by the University of Maryland
(UMMC) determined that a deficiency of lysine can delay the growth of damaged tissue , it
can also affect the regeneration of skin cells, damaging the total reconstruction of the compromised
area with some physical damage. 12 mg (milligrams) of lysine per kilogram
of body weight is what should be consumed to help the body rebuild cartilage faster.
Foods that contain a high level of lysine are: legumes;
Cod; the red meats;
Beer; the eggs;
the soy; the cheese;
the nuts; the brewer’s yeast;
the gelatin. The vitamin C is very important to raise the
body ‘s defenses, but not only does that, it is also able to maintain the production
of collagen , keeping oxygen – rich blood and taking all the arteries making sure to
provide the wounds they need to rebuild . A large deficiency of vitamin C can reduce
scarring instantly, in addition to humans need more than 75 mg (milligrams) daily of
this vitamin to continuously renew the body’s problems. The foods that contain the highest
amount of vitamin C are: The Kiwi;
the Orange; Strawberries;
the lemon; among others.

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  1. I have osteochondral injury with subchondral edema in medial femoral condyle what does it mean what treatment needs to follow?

  2. I have spent months studying treating joint pain at home and found a great website at Pabs pain pundit (look it up on google)

  3. Class IV Laser. Two sessions and I'm 80% better. Took all inflammation out.

    Don't do the surgery. hot laser class IV therapy works. It worked for me, they told me I have to have surgery to scope it out.

  4. It will not help blind people much because they can't hear clearly what is being said, but those who have got eyes should not complain.

    Good video💐

  5. No surgeries needed. Do long term, light weight bearing exercises in the gym. Especially the ones that causes the cartridge to become compressed in a sponge like way. This will regenerate cartilage in the long term.

  6. Do intermittent fasting for 18 to 24 hrs daily. It'll will generate growth hormone which in turn builds up your cartilage.

  7. I had a 2 surgery's arthroscopics of my knee,and take few rounds of prp therapys,and it was unsuccesufull,still got a knee problem,crackling noise all the time,and after another recent mri scan diagnose is that my cartilage is in disasterly bad condition. So i am wondering and trying solutions how to rebuild cartilage and to recover. I didn't mantion,I am age 38 now. Any suggestions with a supplements or something? I used animal flex,elasti joint,and much more of similar product but it doesn't get any better condition after a months and months of using.

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