Taking Charge of Your Health

significant processes are happening
throughout the body right the traditional form of teaching includes
lecture format where students are passive learners hearing information
seeing information that’s been discerned by a professor by a teacher for them to
basically memorize we know through educational science good cognitive
science that students retain about 7% of what they’ve heard in a lecture three
days later case based learning has many iterations ahead of that where students
themselves are active participants in their own learning process in other
words they have to assess what they know and what they need to learn not on their
own but by the guidance of faculty by creating these cases and making sure
that the students are meeting objectives that have been predetermined students
today have grown up with internet information explosion and we have to
help them manage that and we have to be very very clear on what we want the
students to learn I think the CBL format has positively
impacted my learning and has allowed me to kind of experience the the material
in a different manner allowing me to better absorb what we’re learning in
class and kind of give me an opportunity to interact with my classmates on a more
more personal level I really appreciated the case based learning format that
Creighton’s implementing it really helps me learn that specific subject better it’s
more active learning we can teach students PhD level basic science but it
doesn’t make sense unless we incorporate clinical context into and around that
basic science it provides some relevance to what they’re learning and they can
see what they’re learning in the classroom can be applied in the clinical
setting I think that the case based learning really encourages
problem-solving in the team setting and I think that’s something different
then you would get in just a regular traditional curriculum one of the things
that really struck me about Creighton was seeing how there wasn’t really
competition between students as much as teamwork among students and that was a
huge reason why I decided to come here if I were talking to a prospective
Creighton student I think case based learning is really you get out what you
put into it our class is really close and tight-knit and the environment that
Creighton puts forward is very collaborative and supportive as students
come into our medical school program here we want to make sure that the
students understand that our curriculum is designed for the student to be

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