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For most people, Catarrh ( Peenasa ) is one of the diseases which is effecting to their daily lifestyle blocked and stuffy nose / runny nose or mucus running down the back of your throat / an irritating, persistent cough caused by excess mucus at the back of your throat / headache / facial pain caused by a blocked nose and blocked sinuses / a loss of smell and taste / anger /tiredness are the symptomps of the Catarrh Most people think Catarrh can be cured by removing phlegm / mucus but in Ayurveda , we are using different treatments methods Most people visit us when they can’t cure this condition using western medicine we consider all other illnesses /diseases that they are suffering before we start the treatments Most patients who have Catarrh are suffering from other diseases like Gastritis /Skin Diseases/ Piles What we do here is we consider all the illnesses /diseases that the patient is suffering and do treatments properly for the patient’s condition There is a myth that Using Ayurveda treatments can cause to increase the severity of the Catarrh condition further. Which is incorrect Most people aware that ,Catarrh can be cured by using Ayurveda treatments but they tend to avoid Ayurveda treatments because of the difficulty they have to face when taking Ayurveda medicines ( making Ayurveda [decoctions/ pills] etc… ) we have manufactured special Ayurvedic medicine products by using latest modern technology.which can be used easily at any place . Catarrh can be completely cured by using Ayurveda treatments

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  1. විදේශ රටක ඉන්න කෙනෙක් කොහොමද pratikara ගන්නේ ?කොහොමද බෙහෙත් ලැබෙන්න සලස්වන්න පුළුවන් ?

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