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The first PET scan that she had was
unbelievably difficult to hear the report that got you know when we’ve got
when we brought her to the clinic for the first time she was in a wheelchair I
mean you really had to do everything for she couldn’t even you know pull you know
chapstick cap off on her I mean she’s just so weak I’m Carson and I was
diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in December of 2017 I just had a lot of
respiratory issues is mostly my like coughing wheezing difficulty breathing
anytime I would exert myself that’s kind of what caused us to know that something
was wrong and then no one can ever I would get a little better and then I’ll
get worse and I would get a little better and I’ll get worse and then I
started having also like swollen lymph nodes in my neck so um Carson’s
boyfriend / hopefully soon-to-be husband if her mom and dad will allow it we have
been on a long journey she she got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma back
in December of 2017 and obviously they wanted her doctors wanted her to start
your traditional chemo treatments and we just felt her we did not feel good about
that we really spent the last year seeing different doctors around the
country who do more alternative stuff so then we started coming here and when she
got to the hospital she weighed 81 pounds we got here that was two months
ago and then this past December 2018 I got
really really sick it was in the ICU and it got to the point where we were just
like we have to do something you know and that’s when my mom connected with
dr. Tom and got us here the protocol that she’s on here has worked wonder she
hasn’t lost her hair she has not really she’s had nausea but she’s eating just
like we are she’s able to do what she wants to do she’s exercising and as a
mom the first thing I wanted to do was baby her and say I’ll just lie down on
the couch just rest relax and we got here and you know dr. England and his
saying do weight lifting and you know weight training and all this and and I’m
just you know she missed a rest and I’m so thankful that he just he knew the
science behind why she needed to do exercises that she did and she is
stronger than I am now and just doing these workouts that we’re completely
amazed you know you go to these different places and they they’ll have a
positive outlook and they’ll have that positive energy but dr. tom has a
positive outlook and the knowledge to back it up so it’s not just you know
thinking positively it is you know I’m confident this is gonna go well and I
also know you know what to do so I feel like there’s just there’s just real hope
here it’s been a very fast like turnaround for me because I came here in
a wheelchair with swollen like so swollen just so so sick and then two
months later I weigh I’ve gained 40 pounds and I’m working out in the gym he
wanted to see her gain a pound a day for 30 days and I really laughed you know
and I was thinking I would love it if she can just gain 10 pounds it’s just
been a whirlwind of like just a really fast turnaround so and then obviously I
just got a a clear PET scan last week so I guess that moment it was like okay
it’s actually medically proven now that it’s working so yeah you

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