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I would say that the normal doctor is
just basically trying to punch the time clock and get you in and out as fast as
possible here basically you come in and I spend
the whole day here I’m Devin kettle I currently live in Brooklyn and I was
diagnosed with testicular cancer so I’m kind of a strange case so the way that I
found out I had testicular cancer was basically one of my testicles swelled up
apparently the tumor that I happen to have I’m hit a blood vessel so it
expanded and then really hurt so I end up going to the hospital I had surgery
within two days so didn’t even know I had cancer at the time after the fact
and they did whatever testing they said hey the end of having cancer so they
ended up monitoring some blood levels and said hey everything now should be
gone so that was like a probably a two or three month process of them kind of
reaping testing things doing CT scans and making sure they didn’t see any
other tumors in my body cause enta was kind of brought to me through John
welborne he’s the founder of power athlete an ex-nfl player and dr. tom was
his doctor so I went to a symposium and dr. Tom was a speaker so we got talking
I was like oh yeah I used to have testicular cancer they told me
everything is fine now like pretty much zero shouldn’t be a any chance for it to
come back he’s like well the the testing that they do can actually tell you that
so they might say there’s a high percentage but it’s not possible that
they can say it’s zero so he kind of convinced me it’s like hey you can come
with us we can do additional testing we can try to kind of catch you early to
make sure that there’s no chance to something else happening because if you
have cancer of one sort there’s a high opportunity for you to get some other
type so I ended up coming about three months after that first meeting with Tom
came to the facility we ran through a bunch of tests used his technologies and
kind of like got a good rapport with him he’s a doctor that basically because
gives you your cell phone number he texts you randomly say hey I have
something new here you guys scopes should come back and it’s basically
become like a yearly thing my wife and I cleaned out it’s really
like a family here so coming here you don’t feel just like you’re left in a
room by yourself waiting for a 15 minute consultation you’re here I come for a
week at a time and they really take care of you you

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