Taking Charge of Your Health

so I was probably one of the most odd
cases for testicular cancer that you could have I didn’t know anything was
wrong literally up until I started to get like
pain we went to the emergency room and they did some ultrasound so they
actually had to remove the testicle essentially the next day so I had like a
24-hour period where nothing was wrong – hey there removing one of my testicles
I actually met Dr. Tom at the power athlete symposium in 2016 we had to face
to face and I told him about my diagnosis and we did I guess more
rigorous testing and to try to figure out if there’s any possibility that
could come back they have very kind of new edge
technologies not necessarily the ones that I’m doing or necessary to treat
cancer but they’re kind of for like overall wellness so literally we might
get a text from from dr. Tom’s like hey I have I have a new device so next time
you’re in town you can use it and forgive it’s like the kind of rundown
I’m not sure many doctors are texting their their patients they’re across the
country saying hey this might be something that you’ve been interested in
next time you you come and visit so I’ve been put on like a supplement regimen to
kind of help balance anything that was kind of out of whack I think it makes my
like brain function much better everything is much more clear I’m a
software developer so being able to kind of critically think problem-solve right
it’s kind of important if they’re seeking kind of a different outlook or
like more assurances Causenta is definitely a place to go because they’ll
leave no stone unturned

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