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7 thoughts on “Causes of Meniere’s Disease and Treatment Options | Meniere’s Disease Cure?

  1. Can hearing loss lead to Meniere's Disease? The reason I ask is I have had severe to profound hearing loss in one ear for 20+ years and the Meniere's Disease symptoms have started within the last 5 years.

  2. My dizziness is like dizziness with superpower and vomiting which lasts for 8 hours and it has been occuring even week or in 2 weeks time since august. Doctors have said menieres disease and given me medication but it didnt work at all I had tingling and fullness in my ear but I hadnt had it for the past 2 weeks. 2days ago I was in emergency for vomiting with blood. Then they discharged me saying everything blood stool xray mri ultrasound everything was normal. I really need help I dont have headaches and normally i would continue work if i just had a headache

  3. HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU. I have Meniere's Disease since I turned 40. The doctors couldn't find out what was causing my severe vertigo attacks with vomiting and heavy pour of cold sweat from my head to my waist that lasted for 3 hours plus. I finally figured it out (not the doctors) after 3 years of having these symptoms. It all came down to a food additive MSG=MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE , it will build up in me and was like clock work every 3 months give or take a week I would get an attack. I still have hearing loss and Tinnitus but vertigo free since Sunday January 10, 2010. MSG will be listed always in the middle of the ingredient label. In California its illegal to add MSG to fresh food if cooked in house but if it was processed already and pre cooked it could contain MSG, ask your server. Around 90% of your soups have this as well.

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