Taking Charge of Your Health

joining me today and sharing your
experience using natural medicine to help reverse your symptoms of Crohn’s
disease it’s been an amazing journey we’ve been working together for two
months now and I you know I really am so excited to share this with everyone out
there who’s wondering if natural medicine can help them because you’ve
just been such a proactive person about your health and very diligent about
investing in yourself and learning and applying and you’ve done it so
beautifully and we’ve gotten such great results which is what we always hope for
that just really grateful were able to share so real quick is I want to talk
about where you were when we first started working together it was eight
weeks ago I think almost of the day and yeah yeah and you were I mean I’ll just
list off some of our goals here and what was going on is you had extreme pain
extreme pain and to the point where um said he was blacking out where you get
your vision and you having a good amount of blood when you were using the
restroom and you’re getting a lot of urgency having to run to the restroom
and you also had very low energy you said one out of ten ten being the best
that you’ve had three out of ten of energy so really just kind of sluggish
everywhere you were yeah hugely underweight around 65 kilos and
you know which is the t’what 2030 pounds underweight for you and you were waking
up 80% of the time through the night because of the pain so you were never
sleeping through the night and you were also on prednisone being prepared to get
on Humera from doctor’s orders yeah and just know no structure of life he got a
family you got kids and it’s like you’re looking down the hole of a you know the
barrel of a just drugs and pain and I was he reluctant if you called me up and
gave me a chance to work with you and I feel really confident and our in our
stuff so can you can you tell a little tell everyone a little bit about your
experiences beforehand what you were going through yeah yeah I’m glad that
I’m you know I having an opportunity to work with you and yeah
and really glad that it’s it’s all been going so well so like he said two months
it doesn’t feel that long but especially for someone who’s been suffering for the
last five years I was just doing normal things because I was just inside me I
always thought I’m I’m just like any other person so what he can eat or
chickeny I can do that but that wasn’t true was it was hurting me was affecting
me you know and like I said that the weight loss was massive I was when I was
healthy I was 80 to 84 kilos and then gradually over the last couple of years
I started losing weight and it was that the least I was was was 65 kilos with
multiple bowel movements losing blood lack of energy
I was anemic I was vitamin deficiency between D between b12 or that and that
this is despite eating all the regular food that I was eating I was taking all
the pills iron pills was making me sick yeah anything you know that the doctors
prescribed me I was I was taking without without a plan I wasn’t really thinking
of what was going on with me and why am i not absorbing the things that I’m
putting on it’s only when when I got diagnosed with Crohn’s but he said yes
you’ve got Crohn’s you know now you need to start taking this steroid or this
higher drugs and that’s when I see and my wife’s you know started looking at
stuff and and we’re doing research or online and looking at this alternate
approach of a feeling drug-free approach I’m so glad now that I tried and last
time when she saw me when I was really weak I was yeah and yeah 65 kilos no
energy I could barely sit up for like two hours not without taking a nap so
two-three hours I had to take a nap so to to to gather the energy so that was
my routine everyday but now you know I’m I’m awake for like 1820 hours I still
can’t sleep so it’s like yeah my mind is so active so as these completely
opposite so what have been some of your results
of these last few months yeah yeah I mean from from 65 kilos of
gained 67 kilo centi 1/2 72 now in two months which is which is really good and
I’m not starving I’m that the pain is completely gone as if I mean I can’t
remember the pain how bad it was now so that’s that’s completely gone off not
losing blood and energy level this is completely short so I was 2 to 3 out of
10 before so now I can I can confidently say that it’s it’s eight and it’s it’s
still increasing every day there is there’s I can see I can see that you see
the rise so yeah it’s awesome yes yeah yeah I’m sleeping through the
night when I sleep I sleep really well because my mind is so active now it’s
it’s it’s always active that the difficult thing is shutting it down but
when I shut it down I sleep well the six seven hours sleep I do is really quality
sleep and when I wake up it’s it’s like again yeah it’s really fresh and yeah
winter time for me is the really depressing time but this time it’s it’s
like yeah I’m fine yeah what about drug use are using any NSAIDs any prednisone no happy to say that I’m completely
drug-free yeah everything or anything I had all the prescription medicines are
straight dump that into the toilet flushed it for good and yeah all the
closet is history now so I haven’t been taking medicine now for four or a month
or a prednisone or or or go iron tablets or anything so yeah no I don’t I don’t
tell people to get off drugs but if you want to make a choice on that and your
health goes that direction I’m always happy to see you get your goals and I’m
really happy to see you do that because I mean but I was when I was taking all
these medicines well the paper said that it’s for you it’s it’s a tradition but I
wasn’t feeling that ourselves getting well that the side effects are more then
then the positive positive effect I mean I started taking prednisone but then
when I came off of it the the the energy level was was was drastic snow I could
see a huge spike in that everything was was was a difference so yeah I’m not
saying people to come off drugs but then for me that was one of the things that
worked good yeah coming off drugs and then sticking
to the to the plan that we made yeah exactly and you know another thing was
how quickly you got results I mean because it was I remember the first the
second session we had our first session where we laid on a daily protocol for
you we laid out what exactly you wanted to do and you wanted to be a vegetarian
and yeah which we’ve successfully done you’re not eating any meat doing this
which is amazing and you you uh you were able to get a lot of URI results within
the first 14 days yes yeah absolutely yeah you said someone kind of what
worked you know what really kind of worked for you in those first 14 days
you’ve seen the pain went around you started having normal feelings and going
to the restroom normally and and it was like you turned on a switch almost yeah
I mean one of the the main things that that really helped was was moving from a
solid based high-fiber diet to completely Elemento so that so the first
first two weeks was completely liquid based diet and that gave my gut you know
that a massive massive rest and and that that really helped I think that that was
that was the turning point you know when when I could see a difference where I
was I wasn’t running to toilet and every time I ate or drank something so I could
I could hold on to it and that really helped and then again
vegetarian the options are I don’t wanna say the options are less
but then you have to explore your options you know the massive types and
thanks to my wife you know she she did all the research and you know sprouting
everything because we couldn’t order them from Amazon or from from any health
food any health or we we went to and Oh have you got these proud of them and
they said what yeah yes no we don’t make them no and then
she started yeah doing that in our home and all those things yeah so it’s a
really helped you know yeah the almond milk homemade yeah so yeah it’s that’s
amazing and you know it’s only been two months and I’d like to say that you know
we were we got rid of all the pain we got rid of all the urgency we got rid of
any kind of blood you’re sleeping through the night your energy is through
the roof you feel confident about what you’re able to eat your taking and you
did all of this with zero drugs not Tylenol not prednisone not layout and
none of it and I can tell you’re so optimistic about everything and for
anyone out there listening you know proton has taken first of all he’s
eating very strict diet he’s eating all organic his wife is helping prepare for
sprouting and fermentation in all these situations to really focus in he’s made
healing his number one priority in his life so this isn’t just some 1 2 3 step
he’s really worked harding’s where he is and you know for Tom we’re not all there
it’s only been 2 months we’re gonna we have some other goals to do some more
lab work and we have some goals to increase the weight and increase the
amount of food variety we can have and how are we going to travel and continue
to see our results and that takes time but you know I always say if we could
put these results in a pill I mean the doctor would charge a trillion dollars
for this you know exactly yeah put health in a pill you can’t put it in a
shot you got to back up the body you got to get behind the body and say body what
do you do best how can I make you better and that’s what we’re doing is we’re
really healing root cause and I can see it in your energy I can see it in your
smile I can see how you are that your body’s clean you’re feeling great and
it’s allowing you to go towards your goals in life like when you work with
the kids helping them teach them the guitar or do music it’s you know it
almost seems like the energy you have and the vibrancy you’re at is allowing
you to be that much better what you like to do exactly exactly yeah yeah I mean
there was so much stuff you know that that that I thought that I could never
do and now it’s like almost a boost you know that that that I can I can
resume my normal day-to-day or daily activity not normal I mean I could even
now surprise other other people so I could do more than them now so it’s it’s
that superhuman feeling yeah you know one of the things you know when we
started off you know you said you know you have to stay positive you have to
keep saying to yourself I’m getting better I’m getting better so that’s one
of I think the the main mantras I can say that that really helps so every step
you take any any so if I have to go out now I don’t I don’t think before I had
to make a plan if I have to leave the house I have to get up to three hours
early and then rush to the toilet finish that routine and then eat something wait
till that settles down but now I am I am positive I know that I’m putting in good
stuff in my into my body and I know that that’s not going to react so I keep
saying you know what I’ve had a good start let me say positive things are not
going to get worse when I leave the house and that’s that’s how it is so I
keep saying that to myself you know it’s gonna be fine it’s gonna be fine I’m
getting better everyday everyday so that makes yeah and that’s and that’s where
it’s no longer sacrifice in your mind it’s an investment it’s an investment
and you’re gonna get better than you are getting better and you’re doing things
that maybe the results aren’t perfect at first but then they continue to grow and
grow and that’s why it’s important to fill out your daily journal and even
have someone to talk with and you know doing a coach a coaching program I wish
I had a coach when I was feeling hey I took me forever to do because I was
coaching myself right yeah no that’s that’s that’s been a massive help for me
I mean I’m really lucky and that was one of the things I decided to to contact
here and connect with you and because my wife’s been been looking at all these
stuff and then we had a few people that who we you know we thought that yes well
you know that we need to contact them for some help one of the things that we
discussed was you know what you you’ve you’ve had a similar you’ve had even
worse you know we’ve been been through a situation than me you’ve lost same
weight and I’ve lost weight now and I can relate to you in in my condition and
that was the first thing we had off saying you know when I when I said
something my symptoms you said yes absolutely I
understand because I had the same thing I went through the same thing and that
really helped me because I’m not just talking to a doctor you know who’ve read
tons and tons of books and saying you know what yes yeah yeah oh yeah I
understand but actually they don’t understand they’ve never been through
that and this this applies to any any disease or any illness you need to
relate to to the person that you’re dealing with that that’s a massive help
yeah it was right when I talk to you in that two weeks you said I got a B and C
and I bet you never would have dreamed you would have gotten those those
responses so quickly no no like I said I mean it’s it’s it was almost five years
now since since I’ve had this and then if someone said you know what you know
I’ll get you better into two months and I will then I would have said they are
now you gotta be kidding me you know it that’s that’s not possible
that that’s impossible because I’ve had this for four five years and to me I
kind of tried everything I tried all the medicines I tried everything that the
doctor said but I think what so how can you say that you know what let’s switch
to an alternative treatment and that will show benefits I would have said no
that’s that’s not possible well thank you so much for Tom thank you
for sharing and I know you can do a lot of good for a lot of people moving
forward and I’m excited to continue to move for with you and we’ll talk more
here soon thank you thanks Dan thank you very much you

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