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Hello my loves,
Welcome to my youtube channel, again me pink moony, today we are going
talk about bronchitis WHAT IS IT ? ,you will tell me
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also think about the notification bell and my new pink chain moony naturopath Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of
bronchi, often of viral origin. She is very common rainy seasons
, autumn and winter. The walls bronchi being swollen and producing
an abnormal amount of mucus, breathing is made difficult and the individual is a victim
strong coughing Generally, bronchitis Acute cure in about ten days at
a healthy person. People with asthma must, however, be vigilant
increased with a risk of bacterial superinfection That’s why I’m going to introduce you
here some natural solutions for you get rid naturally and efficiently
definitely of that Contrary to popular belief, bronchitis
is usually treated without antibiotics. Only a persistent cough during several
weeks (chronic bronchitis) may prompt your doctor at your service Some natural remedies often come to light
effective for treating bronchitis. Mon the simplest is to perform
inhalations. Make the brew (pour hot water
on eucalyptus leaves, Heat up the water and pour the
burning liquid in a bowl. Bend your head – covered with a towel – at
top of the container and inhale so powerful but steady during a dozen
minutes. For even more efficiency, add in the hot water a few drops
of eucalyptus essence.two times three times per day, for 10 days I talk about it in several videos,
virtues of eucalyptus, it’s magic. number 2 if it seems too long even though
I definitely recommend it 1. One tablespoon of onion juice
+ 01 tablespoons of honey, consume three times a day until healing.
Or 2. Make pure carrot juice take a
glass morning and evening. I told you about this in several video, it’s rich in
betacarotene, in carotenoids, …. Of course I will not let you go without
nothing as usual. Here are some tips to look after your
bronchitis and prevent recurrence: Wash your hands frequently. It is
also advised to avoid wearing them faces.
Clean your nose and sinuses with an aerosol saline solution.
Vaccination against influenza and pneumonia can reduce the risk of bronchitis.
Watch out for the quality of the air. Avoid air irritants, such as dust
in a working environment. In this case, wear a mask or respirator, they will filter
impurities from the air. Regularly air the rooms in which
you are used to living. The cigarette coffee and alcohol are at
to avoid. Use vitamin C. It helps the body
to fight against viruses that attacks to the respiratory system.
write. A lot of rest. It turned out bronchitis
causes intense fatigue, due to inflammation bronchi. The sport is therefore to be avoided,
and a recommended sick leave. The shower can be a good way to fight
against bronchitis. In particular, by breathing the warm, moist air it gives off.
Similarly, sauna and steam room are effective. Take care to keep a humidity level
enough in your bedroom. For that, invest in an air humidifier or,
more simply, drop a large container of water on the radiator.
Drink hot drinks. Initially time, this will prevent you from dehydrating.
Then, soups, herbal teas or others will make your throat less irritated.
Natural care can be used, such as honey. Also, unsuspected treatment,
hot peppers, such as cayenne pepper, are effective. Thank you for watching this video
until the end, as you know my videos are simple fast easy,
very accessible, for everyone, c is why I invite you to share this
so that it affects a maximum of people it will help save many lives and
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  1. Rose moony j'ai un problème de coeur donne moi une astuce qui est bon pour le coeur j'ai des palpitations et du mal a respirer

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