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now with any out anymore further ado I’d like to introduce our special guest tonight we’re honored to have Sally bird thank you thank you thank you good evening everybody I’m very honored to be here and I have to thank just for introducing me to the youth Crystal’s over two-and-a-half years ago because I was his original guinea pig besides himself so just a little bit about myself I’m a traditionally trained naturopathic doctor who grew up in the world of natural foods with a mom who was wavy for her time back in the 60s so nutrition is not strange to me frequencies energetic foods live foods and medicine is something I’ve been around for many years as my career developed I was blessed to have worked with an anti-aging doctor on formulas especially with collagen and liver products thyroid support and whatnot on a the aging of America and when I found the crystals when Josh brought them to me it was a major aha moment to have a product that should cost $500 or more in an value pack for America was very exciting to me because we have a problem in America we have overpriced complicated medicine even in the natural arena people will watch a television show and want to take a hundred pills it’s confusing expensive and most of the time it’s not working because our bodies can only handle so much so in the world of energetic medicine the easy way to describe this product to your friends and people you may just be trying to help is the youth crystals are really an energetic organic food at the highest level it’s the purest form of nutrition that your body can simile what we heard tonight from our wonderful Australian doctor is that the world is not only dehydrated we have intracellular absorption problems okay so hydrogen is the key to ageing well the cost of hydrogen because people are now starting to manufacture water machines as you mentioned also in takeaway containers whether it’s an aseptic pack or a canister that those will run about four dollars for one 16 ounce serving of just the hydrogen molecule so America are they going to spend a hundred and twenty dollars per person just on the hydrogen add in a couple of hundred bucks for some glutathione treatments and another hundred for some collagen plus maybe 50 more dollars for amino acids and so on and growth hormone that can be over a thousand dollars a month so what are we supposed to do so the crystals are a solution to really a food problem that we have a nutritional void that we have when when we see the results as in the PowerPoint that we saw tonight the act of room-temperature which your body loves which does go back to Eastern medicine our bodies want the proper nutrition right so when it’s heated up which was an aha moment for both Josh and I because it’s rooibos tea right it’s also your body doesn’t have to fight to get it absorbed so it’s very receptive then you have the minerals which just briefly explained about the Himalayan pink salt those are your spark plugs for the product okay if you do not have your cells may or may not pick up the frequencies properly an example right now we have many people that are putting out collagen peptide products they think it’s fascinating there is every type of collagen one two three five and ten all different types of collagen but they’re not usually made properly there’s no support system and there’s no spark plug there’s no gas in the car so you can have the best raw material available but if it doesn’t have the support system it’s not going to work whereas the crystals you’ve got it all okay you have the foundational foods the healthy nutraceutical foods you have state-of-the-art programming and you have the most awesome delivery system possible because within seconds through the meridians you’ve already assimilated your nutrition so I will be happy to answer questions my personal testimony for the products are is that it started collagen production in my body very quickly the human growth factor was obvious evident in my body in about six weeks the I always tell everybody I’ve got biceps and I don’t work out at a gym just so most of you know I have a life of service and travel 21 days a month minimum I live on the road out of a suitcase it is not an easy life I can’t eat organic all the time I don’t have a regular exercise program I walk a lot swim scuba dive when possible however I have to rely on what do I put in my mouth and that’s where the crystals come in it is the best travel product and also for the busy person mom kids somebody who’s got jet lag or just staying up all night students it’s perfect the other things you will notice that we heard tonight hair skin and nails you know perfect you skin gets this dewy look to it because you’re hydrated but also the energy and the circulation is usually improved and because we’re not raisins on the inside anymore as we discussed earlier we’re plump grapes a lot of venous insufficiency is improved so on my legs because I sit a lot on airplanes or and I used to work retail I had a lot of broken spider veins and over time they are fading drastically without surgery which is what a blessing that is deep sleep usually it’s seven hours a night for me now it used to be about 5,000 a chirally comes up and with a few other support supplements you can you don’t have you may not have to take a medication so there the list goes on and on I don’t have as much gray for a 60 year old person that I am that many other people my age might have so I can’t say enough about the crystals they’re part of my life now and the really good thing I actually saved money because I’ve dropped probably 2/3 of my supplements I was as 50 to 60 pill person a day ok before all my greens and chia and realized that ok before all that stuff and I would have bags of pills and now I don’t have that anymore so that’s a blessing so they do you find it better for you in the morning or in the evening works for me is taking youth in the morning with a cup of hot water sometimes if I’ve been traveling a lot or just staying up late I’ll add a scoop of energy and and then at night I take a scoop of youth always before I go to bed because as we were taught in school your cells regenerate at night so it’s very important that your skin gets the food it needs also if any of you studied chinese medicine or asian medicine guess when the liver dumps early morning right one o’clock the gallbladder is at 11:00 so it’s very important that the body has the foods for that detoxification natural program what happens it has to be at the right time so if you get questions about people maybe going through the detoxing too quickly just start them on half of scoop cut it back until their system adapts till they naturally and slowly detox it their level because it’s different for each person all of us are going to have a different experience with the taking the crystals over time you can take two at once sometimes I’ll mix the energy in with my youth in the morning the reason why Josh and I have discussed this we like the youth because it’s the foundational food it’s your multiple vitamin for the day okay and anything else you take with it you’re just going to get extra benefits but you’ve got to have the baseline so just first started off and haven’t had any I would recommend myself just don’t start with the ENT planet don’t try to do too much all at once yes you know 15-20 minutes it’s in your system in seconds so usually 15-20 minutes then you can eat because that’s how collagen works just in general you want to feel the effect of it you know you want to have the deal with digestion and processing the food or what happened you order coffee so you could really enjoy the product and experience what it’s like when you are will serve you a nice espresso from Italy that’s the youth use about the energy is gating yeah yeah put you into a nice deeper sleep and when the body starts rejuvenating and healing right that’s when we do all our hormonal rebalancing and everything and some people are so off track because they don’t even know what could sleep is so they might say well I didn’t sleep any longer but they slept deeper you start quizzing people and they it comes out that all these wonderful things have been happening to him they just didn’t it wasn’t a major life overhaul or they might have better they might remember their dreams or have more vivid dreams you know it’s like it’s different levels here we go under so the question is if you take the youth is it wise to just take it by itself or can you take other supplements with it with iodine it’s very specific and we could work on that as an individual thing because of the frequencies in the youth it’s probably better at least for five or ten minutes maybe 15 you have it by itself okay just let the crystals work by itself we can discuss that later I’ll be more than happy to speak with that I don’t private consultation thank you so much [Applause]

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  1. Я-одна из первых в Украине ,кто пользуется продукцией Celluvation .Уже есть результаты. "Молодость"- потрясающий препарат.Все, что о нем говорят -Правда !!!

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