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Hello friends! Today in this video we will talk about cervical spondilitis that is, neck, shoulders and muscle pain, their symptoms and remedies. Friends, in today’s fast paced life, our lifestyle; food habits and our postures as well as sleep patterns also has gone through a drastic change. Due to all these changes, every person is affected by one or the other illness. Today, 30-40 aged individuals have been affected by cervical spondilitis. Earlier, this illness was more found in 60 and above aged individuals. Cervical spondilitis has become one of the most painful illness. In this illness, neck pain, back bone pain, as well as shoulder pain, giddiness and extreme muscle pain. This illness is generally caused due to working with bending neck. In office, sitting on the chair with neck bent down and working. Working on the computer excessively. It affects the bones of neck severely. This causes cervical spondilitis. And after that we need to take help of either doctor or physiotherapist. And we have to also have pain killer medicines as well. In order to avoid all this, we need to keep our body healthy and fit. Symptoms of cervical spondiltis: Frequently getting neck and shoulder pain. And the pain reduces on its own too. To get pain and giddiness as well. Neck as well as shoulder getting cramped or stretched. Swelling in neck muscles. Slowly, pain and swellings in the arms spreading to full hands. Unable to turn neck fully. Pain from the neck till the back bone anda certain stretched pain felt in that area. Pain till the waist. Blood formation being less around neck and shoulders. Sleeping in one position or sitting in one position for a long time could be one of its symptom. Reasons for cervical spondilitis: Cervical spondilitis, is caused when back bone, joints in between bones and ligaments undergo friction or due to gaps in between bones. Due to working with neck bent down. In the office working for a long period of time sitting in one position. To keep mobile in between ear and shoulder for a long time. People who work for a long period of time in computers generally suffer from this illness. Wrong sleep positions. Being lazy or not doing exercise can cause it. It might be caused due to certain internal injury. Keep these following precautions for this illness: Don’t put too much pressure on neck and neck muscles. Exercise everyday and go on walks regularly. While sleeping, use hard bed and thin pillow. Use neck collar. If you are lying down, then don’t try to get up with a jerk. Always try to move to one side, and then get up. If you are working on computer or in office, so don’t try to be in one position with your neck bent down. Always try to get up every one hour and give your neck some rest. While riding vehicles like motorcycle, scooter be careful while putting and removing helmets. Don’t use very heavy helmets. Don’t keep the mobile in between ear and the shoulders and talk. When the pain is more, then take rest. If you are facing more problems, then definitely consult the doctor. Remedies for cervical spondilitis. Perform yoga asans, and exercise In yoga, you can try to do Bhujang aasan, naukasan, danushasan and pranayam. Try to do these exercise for 5 minutes everyday. Ice cubes- Take ice cubes 8-10 and keep it in a polythene. This will reduce the swelling and it help reduce the pain as well Keep doing this twice a day. Hot water fomentation. Fill hot water in the hot water bag and place on the area that is very painful. Due to this, swelling as well as pain will reduce, and the muscles will become softer. While doing hot water fomentation, keep this in mind that your body part shouldn’t be exposed to air. Himalayan Rock salt Take 50 gms Himalayan rock salt, and put in one handkerchief or cloth and tie it. And then place it in hot pan and make it warm. Then place it on the painful area. This will definitely benefit you. Apple cider sirka Apple cider sirka is very good to relieve pain. Take cotton and put the apple cider sirka and apply on the painful area. Keep this for a long time. Whenever the cotton becomes dry, then again moisten with apple cider and keep it. Continue for one or two times you will get benefit. Turmeric milk- Every night, take one glass milk, take half spoon of turmeric powder and boil the milk. Add sugar according to taste. And consume it. Garlic and ghee Take four garlic cloves, and grind it nicely.. Then cook it well in ghee. When the garlic’s water becomes dry, then cool it. And then apply and massage it on the area that is having pain. And then cover the area with cloth for some time. It will benefit you a lot. Try these remedies and get rid of cervical spondilitis. If you like our video, then please subscribe it, like it and share it and don’t forget to give comment. Thank you.

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  1. मेरी गर्दन कंधे हाथों पैरों टांगों व रीढ की नसों व मांसपेशियों मे बहुत दर्द रहता है। हाथो को हिलाने पर भी बहुत तकलीफ होती है। कृपया इसका कोई इलाज बताएं

  2. mera 1 mahine pehle opresion hua hai gardan se ridh ki haddi ghisak gayi thi.. lekin avi tak koi aaram nai hai kamar se le kr pari tak puri sujan rehti hai sun rehti hai meei body koi kaam nai kr paati hu.. dr ne kaha hai ki 6 mahine me thik ho jayega.. vellor me opreasion hua hai. meri umar 32 saal hai meri.. plss mujhe bataiye kya main 6 mahine me pehle ki tarah ho jaungi na

  3. im afsana,32year,mujhe 10year ho gaya spondylitis hua h,gardan aur kandho me bohat pain hota h….aap k video dekhi acha laga

  4. 4 saal pahle Gym karte hue Banch par road dis balance ho gya tha or maas fat gya tha left kandhe ka…dard bahut hua tha par dard to khatam ho gya tha par kandha kamjor hai jiski wajejh se gardan me bhi dikkat h plz btao kya kru

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  6. Mera left hand numb ho gya h. Grip bhi nhi hai. What should i do. Please help. I m also suffering this problem

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  8. इसके लिये किस स्पेशलिस्ट को दिखाएं यानि हड्डी रोग विशेसज्ञ को या न्यूरो विशेसज्ञ को ?

  9. नमस्कार, मै 1 साल से जायदा से लेफ्ट साइड कंधे , चेस्ट और पूरी लेफ्ट बाजु मै दर्द से परेशान हु। अब तो भयंकर दर्द होने लगा है। लेफ्ट साइड चेहरे मै भी दर्द उठने लगा है एकदम तेज। 2 इयर्स से हार्ट विशेषज्ञ को दिखाया। अब इतना दर्द नही होता था जितना अब है। डॉक्टर बोलते हैं की हार्ट प्रॉब्लम नही है। परंतु लक्षण वो ही उठते हैं। अचानक बैठे बैठे दर्द उठता है। करविकॉ c 4 and c 5 मे थोड़ा सा समस्या है पर डाक्टर बोलते हैं उस से इतना प्रॉब्लम नही होनी चाहिए। हाथ सुन्न नही पड़ते पर दर्द सेहन नही होता। कृपया मार्गदर्शन करे की क्या समस्या हो सकती है। दर्द कभी कभी दाई बाजु मे भी आ जाता है पर जयादातर बाई भाग मई ही रहता है। धन्यवाद

  10. Kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai ke cervical se chalne me problem hoti hai. Aur khade rahene me takhlif hoti hai.plz tell me..

  11. hello sir ji mere sir dard or cervikal ki problem bott jda hai 24;hours dard rehta hai sir or gardan me kafi treatment bhi krva hai plzz plzzz plzzz sir help me

  12. My father 69 years old is suffering from cervical Arthritis is now another serious problem that is vertigo and loss of balance .
    He is active and healthy and consumer healthy vegetarian foods with lot of fruits and vegs.Kindly advice simple tips for his quick recovery from "loss.of balance and overall healthys.Jay hind.

  13. Sir cervical lordosis k baare mein bataye maine X Ray karaya toh usmein REDUCE CERVICAL LORDOSIS nikla hai ..pls mjhe bataye ki iska Matlab kya hai ?? aur kya yh theek ho skta hai ?????

  14. I am suffering Spondylosis long time ago. Now too much pain leg, head and neck. I have also forward head posture. What should i do ?

  15. Sir I have cervical spondylosis and having light headache and vertigo and vomiting all the time my ct scan of brain is normal kindly is it happening because of cervical spondylosis or should I consult with any specialist.

  16. Maine sab Kiya hai Lekin hàth aur arm main Abhi numbness and tingling hai aur left side so nahi sakti to Kiya Karen please bataye.

  17. Cervical Spondylitis की तकलीफ से गर्दन कंधे और हाथ को जखडन है और सर दोनो आॅखे चकराते है अभी Acidity होने लगी है तो Problem जादा हो रहे है
    Please Reply sir

  18. Mujhe cervical spondylitis hai sar mein bahut Dard neck mein bahut Dard legs mein pain pith mein pain Hoti hai ear mein se Aag nikalti hai sar Bhari rehta hai chakkar bahut aate hai sar sunn ho Jata hai ghabraht bechaini vi Hoti hai stress vi hota hai flexabenz plus tablet doctor ne requment ki hai but usse sydefect bhi hota hai

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