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Namaskaram.(Welcome). My name is Rathi Loganathan. I would like to share some of my experiences in natural food. I have a family of four with my husband and two daughters. We came from a family which normally have non-veg in their diet. So, at first we use to take milk products and nonveg. I had problems like veazing, my husband had migraine and I use to take my children often to doctor for cold and fever. Once I read an article in a monthly magazine named mangayar malar about a book Iyarkai unave noi thirkum marunthu which means natural food is the cure for diseases. Hence I purchased the book from Coimbatore’s Vijaya pathipagam. I read this book. After reading I realized how many mistakes we are making in taking food. I realized that calcium in milk, protein in egg are all misconceptions and we don’t require any health drinks . I came to know about the correct food through that book. The right food for humans is NUTS AND FRUITS. Nuts like coconut, badam(almonds), cashew, pista etc and fruits like banana and other fruits are our right food. The nut and fruit which is readily and cheaply available in my local area are coconut and banana. These two are enough to maintain our health. I use to purchase 2 litres of milk daily before. I stopped purchasing milk completely. Now I don’t take my children to medical practioners. Previously I use to take them to the doctors atleast once in a month. Now we have avoided it and we all stay healthy. Now I feel to share some of my views on natural food. Actually it is a wrong view that if we eat fruits we catch cold. Actually when we take fruits the toxins accumulated in our body by already eaten cooked food comes out. We mistake it as cold due to fruits . cold when we eat fruits, headache when we go in the sun, fever when we go in the rain are all the efforts of the body to excrete the toxins when natural elements fruits, rain, sun join with us. We don’t realize this and take medicines and stuff the toxins inside the body itself temporarily. The toxins accumulated comes in another form of disease after sometime. This when repeated we get chronic illess which leads to death. If we allow the toxins to come out naturally by eating natural food we will know what is real health. If we take natural food our body will feel like flying in the air. If we experience it once we won’t leave natural food for ever. People have a misconception that milk is a very good food. Milk is a wrong food. We have to think about two points in this matter. One point is the cow’s milk is for the calf as designed by nature. Cow doesn’t secrete it for us. Actually we steal the calf’s food from the cow. We steal the mother’s milk of the calf and drink it for selfish reasons. The second point is it is generally said the cow’s milk has high calcium. How does the cow get that calcium? Cow gets it by grazing grass. Like the same if we eat fruits, nuts, vegetables and green raw we will get all the required nutrients. Our body doesn’t secrete enzymes to digest milk after two years. The enzyme is secreted only in our infancy. Then the hormones are not secreted. So cow’s milk is a wrong food for humans. So, if we consider what is the right food it is food eaten without cooking. No other animal cook and eat food. So they lead their life span naturally and die. Another important thing is our breath. Our breath should be deep. When we eat natural food our breath will be deep and steady. But when we take artificial and cooked food we just breathe shallowly like a dog. I think a dog’s life span is 20 years. But the lifespan of tortoise which breathes very slowly is 300 years. Our lifespan gets increased as our breath gets deeper. If you see a person who breaths shallowly you can see him suffering from many diseases practically. we can see it practically, persons with deep breath lives with a good lifespan . For how many years are you taking natural food? I am taking natural food for the past 4 years after reading the book. Before being aware of natural food i thought egg has lot of protein and use to take lot of eggs to feed my younger daughter. I was nearly 75 kilograms by weight.Nearly 165 pounds. I am showing you a family photo taken then which show how fat Iam. After that to reduce the weight I didn’t do anything except eating natural food. I didn’t do any exercise or eat any slim care capsules to reduce my weight. After taking natural food my weight automatically came down. The problems of my body vanished. veazing, headache and perspiring much has gone. All of us in my home are healthy and happy. For free download of my book aarokiyamae anandham in tamil visit or the link given below in the description box.In english please view


  1. Mrs. Rathiloganathan . . . . . very clear explanation …. i am going to try this food style as you explained …  thanks … thanks a lot

  2. பாகற்காயையும் மற்றும் துவர்ப்பு காய்களையும் எப்படி பச்சையாக சாப்பிடுவது ?

  3. நான் கோவையில் மருதமலை அருகில் இருக்கிறேன். எனக்கு அய்யா எழுதின 20ரூபாய் புத்தகம் வேண்டும். தொலைபேசி எண் கொடுத்தால் கூட போதும். நான் வந்து வாங்கி கொள்கிறேன்.

  4. based on my experiences on natural food i have written a book aarokiyamae anandham which is available from tn nature cure society 04522533957, 9942518183, 9944083633. i claim no copyright for the book and anybody can print it. i also suggest the following books. money once spend on these books will give u health and happiness for ever. 1)aarokiyamae anandham-rathi loganathan
    2)iyarkai valviyal kalai- k.ethiraj
    3)nam nalam nam kayil- devendra vora.
    make sure that they r from the same authors because many books are there in the same topic.

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