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Today we’re gonna do a video about
chickenpox and it’s treatments honestly I think I’ve probably had about 300 messages from parents to do a video on this so without further ado let’s begin it’s really hot today so I decided I’m
gonna try and film most of today’s film outdoors whilst I’m on my run before work so I hope you enjoyed the beautiful Yorkshire moors chickenpox is a common
infection caused by the varicella zoster virus it can cause an itchy spoty rash
that can spread the entire body now the spots first start flat then they
become raised and blistered before crusting over after a week or two and
going away now if you’re still not sure about these symptoms I’ve left a great
link in the description below which should help you can get chickenpox at
any time but it’s most commonly in children under 10 years chickenpox is a
mild illness which can be managed at home you’ll probably feel better in
about a week now the good news is once you’ve had chickenpox you’re very
unlikely to get it again now the bad news is that with chickenpox you can get
a high temperature above 38 degrees aches, pains and generally feeling unwell
it can also make children feel very grumpy and in adults the symptoms can be
much worse background done now let’s go to work the first thing you need to do is stay
away from school or work until the spots have completely crusted over this
usually takes about five days after the spots first appear and it’s so you can
prevent spreading it and also so you can get some rest. If you’re in pain and
discomfort then paracetamol is a really good baseline but before you take it
check with your pharmacist or healthcare professional that it’s okay for you to
take and with all medicines always read the information leaflet. Let’s take a
look at this necrotising fasciitis have you heard of it?
anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen are not recommended in chickenpox because it
can increase the risk of getting a serious skin infection called
necrotising fasciitis so please avoid it unless it’s recommended by a healthcare
professional. Lewis can you tell everyone what you just told me obviously miss out
the bit when you said how much was amazing pharmacist I am tell them the second bit “Oh the second bit, basically I was just saying about how I had chickenpox
once and it was actually really really itchy” so why should we avoid itching the spots? “Well if you itch the spots then it can actually damage the spots which leads to scarring” perfect so to help with this
you can put clean socks on your children’s hands and that’ll prevent
them from scratching themselves you can also cut nails short, wear loose clothes
and try cooling creams and lotions like calamine for instance which work really
well in chickenpox and if the itching is still bad then speak to your pharmacist
about getting an antihistamine to help with it, Chlorphenamine is good for this but it does cause drowsiness but once you speak
to your pharmacist they’ll be able to pick the best one that suits your needs
my final tip for anyone who is feeling unwell is to stay hydrated and continue
to stay hydrated during this period so drink plenty of fluids if your child is
struggling to drink fluids then ice lollies are a really good alternative
they’re also really good when you stuck in a really hot room like this with
chickenpox I’d highly recommend everyone to know when to speak to a healthcare
professional urgently so I’ve left more information in the description below
please check it out and that’s it I hope you find this information
useful and as always if you have any of your own tips that others may find helpful
then leave a comment below I’d love to read it too hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like,
follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos “Ok am I in?” come closer to me though because if you get to the side it distorts your face “Am I in it now?” yeah but come closer to me, you need to be here “Here?” yeah (LAUGHTER) what was that? I’m telling you there’s loads of pigeons here for some strange reason creams and lotions like calamine which work particularly well particularly… So I brought Nadia out with me today to help me but we’ve been on our run as well have you enjoyed it?

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  1. What if I have weird bumps over my arm. What is it? It's not itchy, and it does not look like there is water or fluid in the bump

  2. LoL I have chicken pox right now its fine its just really uncomfortable it does not hurt you will be fine.

  3. My little girl has it and she has complications now. She is a strong 5 year old girl, she has no malnutrition, but still have complications. Doctor gave her medicine for her high fever and infection. I am so afraid. How could this happen if she has a normal healthy immune system…..😭

  4. Please can u suggest me anything for get rid from chicken pox! Now there are only small 10to 12poxes in my body, its increasing their number of poxes and getting bigger,how can I stop them getting bigger?? Plz rply plz plz i need your help so much

  5. I have been given medicine for my scars which are on side n gies slightly back. I apply at night and it does get absorb pretty well. Shud I be worried about it not working while turning left and right on bed?

  6. I have them in my throat any recommendations to treat them? I literally cannot eat because of how painful it is.

  7. today I just got chicken pox and it’s my bday today. It was a wrong timing to get my chicken pox ;c and thanks for the advice my mom will use them.

  8. I just wanna scratch my body but I can't because I have freakin' chicken pox.

    P.S.: I get insomnia because of the itch so I didn't sleep well today. 🤤

  9. Abraham I don’t have it but I still have the marks left from years ago why and how do I fix it?

  10. I think I have chicken pox I'm 46yrs old ( my brother had it and the doctor wanted me to get it also, we were young I don't think I ever got it [used my mothers lipstick to but red marks on my arms to get a week of of school off ) I don't think I got it but I have spots under my cloths that the sun doesn't see could this be it ?

  11. It's been two days, why am I having a backache along with chicken pox, and I am just 24 years old. Please help 😢 it hurts like hell 😢

  12. Chickenpox is a viral infection. My cousin had chickenpox and she was suffered from constant fever. She used "Skin Care Pack" by "Planet Ayurveda". It was really effective.

  13. Hehe
    My 5th or + more having chicken pops
    But it never itches for me
    I just wake up randomly and see it on my arm then like one week later it’s gone then next year it comes back
    It really doesn’t bother me
    It’s just there and goes away

  14. Im 16 and its my 4th day today i feel awfully terrible specially because i have chicken poc in my throat to it freaking hurts its like i wanna die naa

  15. I have chicken pox right now,age 11😔😔😔🤒🤒l have chicken pox all over my body😰😫😫

  16. I have chicken pox. Most of them look like bubble stuff and they hurt but what I do to treat them is use a special cold lotion, even though it's hard to clean it off it helps. I have millions of them like literally and I can't stop itching, even though you cant itch I don't use my nails to itch. It's stressing for me. My whole family had to go thought this

  17. hey . m from india.. nd i was suffring from chicken pox before 3 month ago.. that time i face lot off problems and now also suffring from chicken pox scars.. the big problem is that next month my marriage and i still have black marks on my body .. i feel so bad please help me and advise me how can i reduce these marks on my body😔

  18. I have the chickenpox, im on week 3 and i have to start work on monday. For the past 3 weeks I have been taking antihestamin of 10 mg and i have been taking Flucloxacillin 4 times a day, but im still getting more spots on my arms and legs. Question, can chickenpox last more than 3 weeks?

  19. I had it 5 years ago but it give me some scars lile tunnel lile and it is in my forehead. Now what can i do to remove it

  20. My daughter is 4 years old, shes got chicken pox today.. I haven't had mine yet! I am 28.. 😬😨

    Reading most of the comments.. I'm freaking out! 😫

  21. Medicine for ChickenPox

    Pharex Aciclover 56 pcs
    Take 2 tabs every 4 hours (5x a day)
    except bedtime for 7 days

    Paracetamol 20 pcs
    Biogesic 500mg
    Take 1 tab every 4 hours for temp 37.8c or above

    loratadine alerta 7 pcs
    take 1 tab at bedtime for itchiness

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