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hello friends I am Riya and now i will explain home remedies for chikungunya chikungunya is a type of viral fever which spreads due to mosquitoes chikungunya is caused due to alpha virus which is due to the biting of mosquitoes the symptoms of chikungunya are joint pain, headache nausea, omitting some people get bleeding from nose and gums chikungunya symptoms are observed after 12 days after mosquito bite the platelets are lowered during fever take 2 spoon papaya leaf juice 3 times a day within 3 hrs the papaya leafs will increase the platelets in the body basil and celery is also very beneficial for chikungunya boil dry basil and celery leaves in one glass of water and drink for 3 times a day eat grapes with hot cow milk chikungunya virus will die but take care that the grapes are seedless boil garlic and drumstick fenny in any type of oil and massage the patient grind garlic and mix with clove oil and tie on the joints with cloth body temperature remains controlled and you will get relief from joint pain bathing with epsom salt mixed in water or neem leaves mixed in water gives relief eating raw carrot gives relief from chikugunya because it makes the immune system strong and gives relief from joint pain Home remedies for Chikungunya special video ends here subscribe the channel for home remedies and don’t forget to share with your family and friends The main motto of life care channel is to cure serious diseases and to prevent from getting small disease take care stay healthy ]

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