Taking Charge of Your Health

depends like whatever he wants to
achieve his life he needs good body and good mind for himself so only then he
can do whatever he wants to do whether he want to be cricketer player
footballer scientist doctor astronaut whatever but he needs a good body for
that so it’s our responsibility that we take care of our child if a child has
come in our life then we should take care of him and these small things
knowing his body type will help us to you know take care of him in the best
possible way hello friends so I welcome you all over
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video is about your most awaited question that you have asked so we thought okay let’s make a video about it so that you know
more and more people can get benefitted out of it so today we are going to talk
about how knowing the body type of your child or Prakriti of your child will
help him to grow better and you will be more aware of certain diseases because
you know if your child adopt certain lifestyle he will not be easily
available to those diseases which usually happened to Vata body type
or Pitta body type or kapha body type so it is always good to know
what is your body type, what’s your child’s body type. now how to determine this.
actually this kapha body type or Vata body type or Pitta body type or dual
prakriti or dual body types everything get decided at when
the child comes in your womb but we all know like when the child is
three or four years of age because he is not able to answer or totally you cannot
see all the symptoms and all the questions in that child like which body
type he belongs to so this can kind of test will be applied on a child who is
more than six years of age for whom you are able to see his joints and how he
looks how is his anger, how are various behaviors so
these kind of questions are there so let’s understand it with the example:
if your child is more of a kapha body type you will encourage him to go
out, go for a walk participate in games, do swimming, do
running and play with your friends, you know, outdoor games why because for kapha
body type there is tendency like he doesn’t want to move,
it’s natural in kapha people so we encourage these kind of children to
develop this habit of going out, running playing with friends so that he will not
gain weight or obesity because you know obesity is the mother of many diseases.
Not only I’m saying this but various research papers,
all the doctors, all the health practitioners, everybody whoever
is little bit aware of health he knows like obesity is the main root cause for
various cardiac ailments, various kind of hypertension’s, you know high blood
pressure, many times it happens various kind of stress-related diseases and
diabetes and many more diseases associated with this obesity because you
know your joints will become weak especially the knee joints because you
know if you’re obese and whole of the weight will go to the knee joints. So it
is it is from the childhood if you have developed this habit in your child like, you
know, go walk, play or swim or you know take care of the body because children
do not know how to take care of the body so we need to encourage them: okay
go outdoor sports or play with your friends and play basketball or any kind of
sport whatever he likes so that’s that’s a benefit of knowing
the Prakriti of your child for example your child is not a kapha body
type he is Pitta body type, now what will happen. if your child is more of
Pitta body type so there’s more possibility he would have a lot of
anger so we can from the childhood we can groom our child, you can
teach some meditation techniques or how to be pleasant most of the time,
don’t be very aggressive when some kind of unpleasant situation came
so if you have developed these kind of habits in the child you know for him it
would be very easy and we can also show him like don’t take any acidic drinks,
because you know these Pitta people they’re more likely to develop ulcers
and these kind of problems because a pitta person has more tendency to
develop these stomach ulcers and because you know acidity these kind of things. so
we will ask him not to take too much acidic drinks or these hard drinks, too
much, like coca cola and these kind of things because his body type is pitta
and if he is taking some kind of harsh these kind of drinks in the body so
there is more possibility like he will be prone to these kind of diseases but
if we teach him eat more fruits change your little bit lifestyle and
lifestyle what, we make the lifestyle of a child that will be
lifestyle of the child so we will feed him more fruits, more sprouts, fruits so
that you know his health will become better and his digestion and his
digestive system will become better so that he can avoid these diseases when he
will become young or adult. So it depends like whatever he wants to achieve in his
life he needs good body and good mind for himself so only then he can do
whatever he wants to do, whether he want to be cricketer player, footballer,
scientist, doctor, astronaut whatever, but he needs a good body for that so it’s
our responsibility that we take care of our child, if a child has come in our
life then we should take care of him these small things knowing his body type
will help us to you know take care of him in the best possible way.
So suppose your child has a Vata prakriti so these kind of people have
variable digestive fire, so you need a lot of take care for
their intestine, their stomach. One thing that you can do take care for the
diet of your child, especially remove the white flour from their diet
because for later ages this white flour will weaken their digestive system.
Also it has been seen that many times Vata people, especially vata
children or the people with vata prakriti, it’s been said like they have a
lot of these anxiety disorders, they are more prone to anxiety
disorders. So if you tune your child to meditate, how to be calm in certain
situations, if you educate your child and bring certain habits in his life
and especially if a if your child is having a vata prakriti
or body type that his schoolbag should not be very
heavy because you know it can make effect in his skeletal system because
Vata is a place of bones and how you use your bones, how much pressure you are
putting on your bones so it can distort the skeletal system also, so make sure if
you have this kind of child in your house with the Vata body type, give extra
care so that you know these kind of small points are there which you pay
attention your child will grow very well and he will achieve whatever he wants in
his life these are the small things which will make his health better, his
mind better, his ability to deal with the world better, so now the question you
must be thinking, okay we have learned enough about the body type of our child, so if
you want to know how to know the prakriti or body type of your child
we have a video regarding this how to know your body type in dosha series and
answer the questions regarding this, how to know the body type, you can answer
these questions you can go to comments section, you can leave the comments over
there and in return we will answer on the
basis of your answers we can tell what body type your child has and with this
way you can take little bit precautions so that to make your child’s
life better. Once again I will repeat the questions how what you need to do and
you just go to our video, few questions are there in that video then you go to
comment section under that video and you can write the traits
whatever the answer to your question is and then we will tell you what is a
prakriti of the child and this will help you to know your child better and I hope
you can use this methodology or techniques to make your child’s future
better so also there is a link below in the description about that
video and here also you can check this is the link you can click on that and if
you have any question or any query please write down to us, we would love to
answer your questions in the best possible way that we can and with this
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