Taking Charge of Your Health

Dr : What was the problem with your grand son? Patient’s Grand father : Constipation and hard stools Dr : Since when? Mr S : Since 1 year Dr : Which medicines was he on? All types of allopathic medicines were given by Pediatrician. It used to give temporary relief. But once the effect of medicine was over, again he would get severe constipation. Mr S : He used to cry while passing stools. Dr : With Imperial Homeopathy treatment, how much is the relief? Mr S : Lot of Improvement is there. Mr S : That is why I want to continue his medicines. Dr : Now he passes stools daily? Mr S : Yes. Now there is no pain in abdomen. Only occasional vomiting. Dr : Is he gaining weight now? Mr S : Not yet. He does not eat enough. Only milk, he wants. Mr S : Now he asks for Rice and dal but eats only few bites. Dr : Overall how much is the improvement in constipation? Mr S : Recovery in constipation is 100 %. Mr S : There is no doubt in that. Mr S : He also used to have recurrent cold & fever. Mr S : After starting your treatment, there is no cold and fever since long time. Mr S : Earlier he used to suffer from cold and fever for one week. Mr S: Doctors would give medicines for viral fever. But again after 2 weeks he used to fall sick. Mr S : But now he does not fall sick.

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