Taking Charge of Your Health

G’day Madalena innocent here. Chronic
kidney disease in cats is booming. Only a few decades ago it was a much smaller
problem. What’s happened to make it so common and what measures can you take
that will reverse it naturally or at least keep it from progressing? Most
people go to their vet for all their pet information; they feed their cat
according to their veterinary recommendations, they have annual
vaccines according to the vet schedule, and they’re treated medically for every
ail.Yet your cat still ends up with a chronic condition at an early age such
as chronic kidney disease at 8 or 10 years of age. 10 years of age is now
considered senior. This shows you how cat’s health has deteriorated as a
healthy cat will easily surpass 20 years of age. But this is not surprising when
you really look at what you’re doing. First let’s consider the commercial cat
food most vets sell.Instead of looking at the pretty packages with with photos
of healthy-looking cats, turn the package over and read the ingredients. There are
normally many ingredients usually with names that mean nothing to yo. That
should ring alarm bells because cats are carnivores so the list of ingredients
should be easy to understand and limited in number. Instead you see a large amount
of plant-based foods which cats can’t easily tolerate or assimilate. Plus
various synthetic ‘nutrients’ that are only there because the original food was
not nutritious. And the cooking destroyed what little there was. Now consider what
wild cats eat. I’m sure you’ll be able to see a huge difference. A poor diet alone
such as is common in commercial pet foods can be responsible for chronic
kidney disease in cats. The daily consumption of poor grade food, whatever
the price, plus the chemical ‘nutrients’ and preservatives (which are almost
always present whatever the claim) chips away at a cat’s immune system over the
years. Every veterinary medication is a
chemical designed to suppress the cat’s natural symptoms rather than cure. Even
antibiotics destroy a cat’s healthy immune system.
Add this ever-increasing toxicity to a poorly nourished cat and the result is
inevitable. Disease. However you can return your cat’s health to the vibrancy
of a healthy kitten. Quite easily. There is a very large BUT to this claim as it
is normally the person who has a problem getting their head around this idea.
People don’t change their thinking quickly or even easily. We’re all a bit
entrenched in the way we think. For this reason I suggest you follow my
guidelines that gently but inexorably lead you to a healthy mindset. As a
holistic health practitioner since the year 2000 I have never seen this method
fail. The combination of a healthy natural species specific diet plus
holistic health care can return a healthy immune system even to cats with
kidney failure or renal failure in cat’s final stages.Look to natural solutions
to reverse chronic kidney disease in cats. With help you can do it. Check out
my natural solutions at

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