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Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back. I’m doing a video today on prostatitis. I’ve just received another comment through
on the YouTube requesting if I’d put out some more information on this particular topic. Lots of guys I’ve seen over the year suffer
from pain, super pubic pain, like pain in the pubic area, pain running down the legs,
pain with urination, pain with ejaculation, just pain. Pain in that area can be a dull, low grade
pain but many, many men have this. I read a very interesting study just before
that was published only in 2013 in a European journal of urology where they stated that
over 80% of people who have potentially chronic prostatitis respond very, very well, to antifungals,
not antibacterials. So antibiotics are usually quite useless when
it comes to treating prostatitis and, in fact, it’s not a really good idea to open a prescription
or a case with an antibiotic when you have a prostate problem. Because all you’re gonna do is blow that whole
gut to pieces, create a Sibo problem or more of an intestinal candidiasis situation and
you don’t want that at all. So the other interesting thing is, I’ve found
that if it’s a bacterial prostatitis you’ve got a much higher chance of having an elevated
PSA reading, prostate serum antigen, which should be very low by default. But if it’s quite elevated it can signify
a bacteria in the prostate region and this can sometimes really cause problems with doctors
who interpret this high PSA as a cancer and may treat for cancer instead of a prostate
that’s inflamed. So I’ll put a link for some study below so
you can see that in the description box but my recommendation, guys, if you’ve got prostatitis,
is try to treat with an antimicrobial. So, using an antifungal product, don’t use
an antibacterial product. So this study I looked at involved around
about a thousand guys with chronic prostatitis and, these men, the average age was 34 years
of age. So eight percent of men who go to a urologist
complaining of a urinary problem, in fact, have a prostatitis, which could be acute or
chronic. So, yeah, there you have it. If you’ve got a prostate issue and it’s painful
and it’s sore, obviously, you need to get checked out for STDs but take an antifungal
product. Don’t take an antibacterial product, okay? The other tip I’ll give you with burning urination
or pain is to take some potassium citrate capsules or tablets to alkalize the uri, which
will make it more comfortable if you’ve burning or stinging or pain or any kind of sensations
down there and it’s hurting when you’re urinating, try some potassium citrate because it can
give you more comfort. The other thing that you could try if it’s
bacterial, I know some men use this, is D-Mannose powder. It’s used more for urinary tract infections
involving bacteria but it can help some guys to calm that whole urinary area down, especially
if it’s a bacterial problem. Candida is notoriously hard to culture in
uri, it’s difficult. So many doctors get it wrong. Many labs get it wrong. They can’t find candida, yet remember, 80%,
80% of chronic prostatitis sufferers respond very well to antifungal, all right? Just keep that in mind. That was my tip for the day. Have an awesome day. Thanks for tuning in and please subscribe. Thank you.

21 thoughts on “Chronic Prostatitis Is Often Caused by Candida

  1. Hi Eric – i posted on your video on probiotics. trying to find out why a probiotic i was taking for years suddenly triggered reflux/indigestion that has not gone away even after 1 month of being off the probiotics. appreciate any insight you might have . best

  2. Thank you for the video. I'm suffering from candida infection and my prostatitis symptoms are the hardest to go away. I've taking Canxida Remove for 2 months and a half, and I'm currently on a 6 tablets per day dosage. How long does it take to have effects? My gut has been improving nicely though.

  3. What about prostatitis being caused by:

    – Too much Estradiol

    – Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

    Secondly, how does one test for candida in the prostate? Thank you in advance

  4. Hello Eric,
    I started taking Canxida remove and restore in mid-November and I'd say that my digestion has greatly improved. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for what to do about my abdominal noises. I am currently working as an English teacher in Japan so it can sometimes be hard to avoid quiet rooms where everyone can hear my stomach/digestive noises. I've been sticking to the diet and supplements but the noisiness hasn't improved.
    Thank you for making this supplement! It has helped me get rid of my rashes and other symptoms that Japanese doctors wouldn't diagnose! Now I just need to get my digestive health back to where it was a few years ago
    Thanks again

  5. this is food for thought,i have been on probiotics and enzymes for a month now,had pretty hard die-off symptoms for 14 days,but now i feel fine and prostatitis is small to non-existing these days. Also,animal protein irritates or worsens prostatitis along with irritation in bladder/urine pathways,but this is maybe if one has candida overgrowth. juices from vegetables and fruits helps with pain in the bladder/urine pathways regardless.

  6. 14 years with this hell…asked PCP for anti-fungal and was told there's no evidence for fungal basis; denied. Was on every antibiotic at one time or another.

  7. No hablo inglés, trató de comprenderlo lo más que puedo ya que este señor hablas de cosas muy verídica y yo sufro de candidiasis, imagino que al igual aquellos hombre la cándida produce problemas hormonales y en el aparato reproductivo femenino.

  8. Hi if we have chronic stomach problems and sensitive to almost everything I remember you saying eat omega 3 how often can I eat tinned Tina and tinned salmo can I consume these everyday for omega 3 ? Thank you

  9. Happy New Year Doc!!!🎈🎊🎆 I thank God for putting you in my life everyday, i wish you lots of success, health and love to you, Tracy, and your lovely family!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. I will see you soon, much love, almendra ❤️❤️

  10. Hi there Doctor, my husband and I purchased your book a month ago. We really want to start the diet but are slightly overwhelmed. Where and how do we start? Your advice is much appreciated. Also, is there any way we could have a direct consultation with you? Thanks in advance!

  11. Blue vervain… need to address zinc… and olive leaf extract microgen dx… that's where u find bacteria.. only that test..

  12. make more videos for prostatitis when its non bacterial! for me candida was not found in urine test with PCR method. docs dont even know what causes it. many men suffer from this disease

  13. I was diagnosed with early signs of cpps last year. I still suffer from symptoms but one thing I have been keeping track of is my urine. I noticed last year there were white particles in my urine but that went away. I noticed in recent times my urine was clear (I checked it in a plastic container) but after an hour or so it settled and there is some cloudy white colour in the middle every time, sometimes it is more sometimes less. Was wondering if this was a symptom or something else?

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