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9 foods to clean up arteries. In order to keep the artery healthy and prevent
blood flow problems, it is important to eat foods effective for purifying blood and maintaining
cholesterol levels. In recent years, diseases of the heart system
seem to be increasing. This heart disease includes cholesterol, triglycerides, arterial
obstruction, etc. These diseases are very dangerous, so we must
take action right away. Health experts and food specialists say that we should pay attention
to what we eat. Otherwise, we will not hurt ourselves by ourselves. The worst thing that is not the best is the
daily living habit. If you live like this, things will get worse . Unfortunately, it
may be a sad result. The disease of the heart system is called
silent killer. It will slowly damage the organs necessary for maintaining life. Luckily, improving your diet leads to the
prevention of cardiovascular diseases. There are foods that may have blood purifying action.
In other words, there may be foods that will help remove waste products and obstacles from
the bloodstream. Today, I will introduce nine foods with action
that will clean the blood . 1. Garlic: Garlic is used for various purposes. It is
used as a substitute for medicine as well as cooking. The main efficacy of garlic comes from the
substance called allicin. This allicin fights damage by free radicals and high cholesterol. Allicin has the effect of reducing bad cholesterol
level, LDL. Bad cholesterol is considered to be the main cause of arterial clogging
in most cases. Garlic also contains vitamins, minerals, dietary
fiber and so on. It promotes the health of the circulatory system and the cardiovascular
system. 2. Oat:
By eating oats every day, it will be effective in protecting the health of the heart. Oat wheat is said to be good, especially because
it contains complete carbohydrates. It also absorbs 7 times as much water. Oat worm suppresses cholesterol from adhering
to arterial wall. This is because it is water soluble fiber. People who regularly eat oats are said to
have praised their efficacy. It will also prevent overweight. 3. Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne peppers contain antioxidants that
prevent oxidation of bad cord cholesterol in the arteries. This antioxidant is called
capsaicin. Regular eating of cayenne pepper will give
you a variety of health benefits. It also reduces the risk of thrombosis and has the
effect of controlling high blood pressure. Cayenne pepper is the food recommended by
many people. Especially recommended for those who are at risk of obesity, heart attack or
cardiomyopathy. 4. Lemon:
Lemon is fruit which is known for abundant vitamin C first. It is an antioxidant that
has the effect of lowering blood pressure and suppressing arterial inflammation. Natural oils, antioxidants, vitamins contained
in lemon. Lemon is a miracle fruit. It cleans the blood and even works to remove excess
fat. 5. Pomegranates: Pomegranate is a very wonderful fruit. Phytochemicals
contained in pomegranate contain a powerful antioxidant substance. These substances protect
the circulatory system from fat oxidation. Regular eating pomegranate may lead to a reduction
in the amount of arterial plaque. It also helps to generate nitric oxide in
the blood . In other words, it keeps the blood vessel expanded and helps keep the blood pressure
healthy. 6. Linseed:
Flaxseed is one of the foods known as “super food”. Linseed is because its health benefits
are very good. Flaxseed contains various substances. Fatty
acids, antioxidants, proteins, anti-inflammatory substances and so on . All of these substances
promote the health of our heart. Flaxseed is also a treasure trove of a (alpha)
linolenic acid (ALA). This acid prevents plaque and fat from adhering to arteries. Also, because the fiber is abundant, it also
has the effect of controlling bad cholesterol and even removing it. 7. Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil promotes the health
of the heart. Especially effective for those who suffer from high cholesterol. Olive oil is a healthy fat, and it is characterized
by being less oxidizable than other vegetable oils. 8. Avocado:
Avocado is very good fruit for the body. It contains a lot of fatty acids and antioxidants
and has the effect of combating free radicals . Just eating half of an avocado on a day will
lower the fat value of the body. It promotes metabolism and reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis. 9. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are very powerful antioxidants. It
will have the effect of lowering the cholesterol level and reducing the arterial plaque. Tomatoes can be eaten raw as salads or juices.
By eating raw, you can incorporate most of the efficacy of tomato. However, lycopene,
an antioxidant substance of tomato , becomes stronger when cooked than raw. How often do you eat the food you introduced
today? Come and actively take it into your diet and let’s eat it frequently.

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