Taking Charge of Your Health

alright go ahead tell us what why you’re here I came in today because I was having a really severe stomach pain and for no reason no fever no other symptoms just really severe stomach pain and i didn’t know what it was and left and wine told me I should come here and so I didn’t want to go here on the way here I was pretty much I line and then I got here and curl up in the fetal position on the couch this couch and and then decided that i was going to do the colonic and caring man i feel a lot better very clear definitely i don’t have any of the crippling pains that I was having earlier and yeah huge difference and I didn’t know that know what was causing discomfort but huge difference and you were vacillate between doing going to see a doctor get some pain meds hanging right so one hour ago it was completely like she said she was curled up fetal position right here yes and she’s walked out I even I’m a shocking off how much you’ve changed your smiling even she was that smart no would you agree yeah that and it did you see the little critters yes thanks so much

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