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31 thoughts on “Colorado Experience: Glen Eyrie Castle

  1. We used to hang out there in the 70s was used by various youth groups..went into all the places that were off in trouble..i remember it fondly

  2. I know your time is limited for the show, but you skipped an important fact for me. General Palmer was born in Delaware. I learned this shortly after I got to Colorado Springs. I was born in Delaware about 6 miles from where Palmer was born. That gives me that one little tick up when talking to a Colorado "native."

  3. My wife and I just finished watching this documentary about William J. Palmer, (September 18, 1836 – March 13, 1909) a pacifist Quaker turned Brevet Brigadier General in the American Civil war and Medal of Honor recipient. He did not want to kill, yet believed slavery was a greater evil than war, just like the evil of abortion. Palmer went on to found the city of Colorado Springs in 1871 along with many other industrial endeavors as a civil engineer, railroad tycoon, and philanthropist.

  4. Yep and just like so many other places Native Americans were killed and forced off their land for the sake of a bunch of other people to have something but nope Provisions no nothing or even an apology to this very day and if you look Colorado Springs is a very beautiful place rich in history but many of the national parks and historical things are being torn down for the sake of building more homes and condos as well as being destroyed by the over population of homeless people but still a beautiful place and lots of fascinating places to see

  5. Back in the 80s I used to hike from GotG over the hump and sneak around the castle and hike up the canyon. There is a water fall and at one point you have to climb past the "3 bowl" which you can't do without getting wet. It's where I proposed to my wife. Input this in google maps search box: 38.9068°N 104.9027°W. It's about 600' up hill from the castle. Once you get a few hundred yards into the canyon you are no longer on Navigator property. There may be other ways to get to the canyon. There is a lot of wildlife up there.

  6. This is gr8 except the one girl has that valley-girl growly voice which is annoying! Otherwise , someplace my wife and I will have 2 go…

  7. Indians haven’t been in America for hundreds of thousands of years. The oldest living culture is aborigines of Australia and they have been there for a estimated 60,000 years… Just a fact check.

  8. I grew up a few miles to the north in woodman valley. I remember visiting this place in the winter and seeing a raptor nest in the cliff above the road as you enter, and bighorn sheep grazing on the lawn.

  9. A very well done documentary. With one exception. Little was mentioned about his relationship with the Native American Ute tribe of the area. In particular his early agreements with them and his building in the canyon. A place very sacred to the Ute. Nonetheless a very enjoyable documentary which brought back many pleasant memories of my first visit. Thanks

  10. Greco Roman has been around in the USA, India, Vietnam, all around the world since the days of the cowboys, who built them, the cowboys didn't. This could be along those lines also, check out the star fort the statue of liberty uses as a plinth, and while you're at it get ginned up with Jonlevi on you tube, blow your mind!!

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