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Hi my name is Dr. Maggie Patillo I’m a naturopathic doctor here at StoneTree Clinic. I also was a concussion patient. So I used to be a competitive ski
racer and while I was skiing I hit my head a couple of times and when I look back I think, “What do I wish I knew then that I know now about concussion care and also what do I wish everybody
knew about concussion management that they could immediately put into action the moment they hit
their head?” So what I really wish people knew is I wish they knew that they could use their diet as a tool
to help heal their brain. The latest research shows us that diet and antioxidant therapy can be an important part of concussion care plan. So what does this look like? You hit your head. The moment you hit your head you’re immediately looking to increase
healthy fats in your diet like avocado coconut oil olive oil. You’re looking to decrease sugar and refined carbohydrates like breads, pastas, rice, and you are looking to increase vegetable consumption and fruit consumption. And when it comes to fruits
particularly berries. So making these dietary changes in conjunction with adding in some specific brain health foods and antioxidant supplements can really help to slow and diminish that inflammatory reaction that happens when you hit
your head. So think about diet and antioxidant therapy as an
important part of your concussion care plan.

One thought on “Concussion: What Naturopaths Want You to Know

  1. Thank You. My friend was just hit head on by a drunk driver and is okay , but concussed. She should not be researching herself. Much love to you for your helping the faceless, but still very real virtual world.

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