Taking Charge of Your Health

I’m really excited to share with you
today about one of my favorite banyan products the daily massage oil now this
has become part of my daily routine over the years and is one of the most
important things that I do every single morning
it helps me just the act of massaging oil onto my skin has me feel more deeply
connected to my body it helps me feel more sense of calm and groundedness as I
move throughout my day I also tend to have a more dry body type so it’s really
really nice to put that oil on and just feel more hydrated actually notice that
when I drink water throughout the day when I’m doing my daily massage oil that
the water doesn’t just go right through me I actually feel like I’m absorbing
the hydration better it’s almost as if it feels like it’s sealing it in to my
body it’s pretty amazing so this particular blend is just really really
beautiful it’s helpful for all body types and is tridoshic so it
supports the reduction of vata or pitta or kapha depending on what you’re
current dosha or prakriti or vikriti is so this herb blend is beautiful
across the board and actually smells amazing I love using this in the morning
because it wakens a weakens my senses and has me feel really connected to my
sense of aliveness

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