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Thank you for clicking on to the Conquer Termites
treatment video. Hopefully over the next few minutes you are going to gain insight into
how our technicians install a treatment around your home. How they install the chemical and
also how they tidy up the home before they leave. Homes in the South East Queensland area are
extremely vulnerable to attacks from foraging termites. Termites are located in most backyards,
nesting in gum trees, tree stumps, retaining walls or any embedded timber. From their nest
they build an elaborate network of subterranean tunnels, normally, only half a foot under
the ground, in search of timber. The worker termites use their large jaws to
cut and scrape the timber into small pieces to digest. As they walk back to their nest,
the timber is changed to soluble sugars by a special enzyme in their guts. Once they
arrive at the nest, they regurgitate these sugars to feed the colony and the juvenile
termites located in the nursery. Termites view your home as a highly desirable restaurant
where the food is free and there�s plenty of it. Here you can see the foraging termites have
travelled under pavers as they enter the structure, we usually find termites under pavers, concrete
paths and driveways. They build their tunnels horizontally along
the ground right up to the footings of the house. Once they hit the slab edge or footings
they will travel left or right looking for a concealed entry point. These concealed entry
points are usually a small gap in the mortar between the bricks embedded below the ground. Sometimes the termites will build a mud lead
out of the ground, over the slab edge or into a weep-hole to gain entry into your home.
Quite commonly, the largest leads are found in the sub-floor under a house. Its dark and
an ideal environment for termites. To stop these kinds of infestations, we strongly
recommend installing a chemical treatment around the base of your home. These days we
have a selection of highly effective and safe chemicals that were only dreamt about a few
years ago. Conquer Termites uses only the best performing
termiticides and refuses to use any generic brands. We encourage our clients to view the
preparation process. We are a fully accredited applicator for Termidor and Altriset, both
are non-repellents and both work to eliminate the colony that is attacking your house. Once we have done a complete appraisal or
inspection of your home and listened to your concerns, our experienced technicians will
recommend the chemical most appropriate for your structure. For more information, please
view our video on our inspection process. Once you have made the very wise decision
to protect your home from termites you naturally want to know it will be installed properly
by a professional and trustworthy company. At Conquer Termites we have the experience
and expertise to install a chemical treatment to the highest possible standard. Here is
how your treatment will be installed. Firstly a trench is dug down to the footing
that this brick wall is sitting on. As we explained before, most concealed entry points
for termites happen in this zone. Once the soil has been dug and placed along
the trench it is ready to hand pour the chemical. The chemical is applied in layers to ensure
the soil is saturated completely. The quality of the soil is very important to ensure the
chemical is absorbed and distributed evenly. This is why at Conquer Termites we might suggest
to introduce a good quality loams soil if the existing soil is too sandy or high in
clay content. In a matter of a few hours, both Termidor
and Altriset will bond strongly to the soil and will not be prone to leaching with heavy
rains. This gives us the confidence these products will stay in the zone to give you
continuous protection. Once the chemical has been completely applied
to the trench, the boys will level the soil ready for a layer of stones or cypress bark
to be laid on top. Often we are praised for the wonderful landscaping we do when installing
a treatment. If the pavers around your home can be lifted,
then they will be lifted in preparation for a chemical treatment. If another company is
telling you this is not necessary, it just means they are either incompetent or lazy.
It is a difficult job to lift and relay pavers, but all our technicians have been trained
to do this and take a lot of pride in the quality of the relay. Importantly, they all
want to go the extra mile to ensure the best possible treatment outcome. A great option that Conquer Termites can offer
before the pavers go back or new concrete is laid, is the installation of the Altis
Reticulation system. This is a specially designed tube that has remitters embedded to guarantee
even flow to replenish the chemical treatment at a later time. Most homes will have an area where concrete
has been laid up against the structure. For structures that have a problematic termite
infestation, we sometimes suggest to cut and lift a strip of concrete along the perimeter
to allow us to dig a trench. This is the ultimate way to install a chemical treatment, but it
is a lot of work and very expensive. The majority of homes can adequately be treated
by drilling and injecting the chemical under the concrete with an injection rod. For most
treatments we use a 12mm drill bit. For some treatments we might suggest to use a smaller
drill bit to fit between the grout of the tiles. At Conquer Termites we always want to give
the homeowner options to allow the best possible finish. This is why many customers select
the extra service of Diamond Cutting when they have expensive tiles or surfaced areas.
It is a skilled and time consuming task, but the excellent finish is worth it. The chemical is applied through each hole
by inserting an injecting rod and pumping the chemical under pressure. The technician
tries to apply 100 litres per every 10 meters. To ensure the chemical doesn�t escape from
the nearby holes, Conquer Termites uses special plastic plugs to stop this happening. Once the pumping has finished the holes are
ready to be sealed. All our technicians take a lot of pride in the final finish and work
hard to colour match the special mortar to have a near perfect finish. If you have a sub floor area under your house,
it is very important to treat these soiled areas. As mentioned before, termites easily
bridge out of the ground and build leads into a house. It�s normally not a fun place to work, but
it is vital to install a chemical treatment along all of the brick footings and concrete
stumps. The technician will prepare a shallow trench by hand digging and then apply the
chemical. Once the chemical has been applied, it is important not to disturb the treatment
and not to stack personal items up against the walls. Homeguard is a great option when we come to
protect a structure that needs more than just a chemical treatment. Homeguard products are
impregnated with Bifenthrin that will repel and kill termites for 50 years. This is ideal
for when you are laying a new concrete slab up against your home, or when you want to
protect steel piers. When you select Conquer Termites, you have
the reassurance that all our technicians are fully licensed and insured. But you also have
the assurance that they are accredited installers through the manufacturer of Termidor, Altriset
and Homeguard. This means we have been selected by the manufacturer
to install their product to the highest possible standard. With Termidor, you also have the
option to register for their 2 Million dollar warranty completely free of charge. For extra peace of mind, Conquer Termites
can offer the $100,000 Timbersecure insurance cover through their insurer, Rapid Solutions.
This is a legitimate insurance cover for any future repair to damage caused by future termite
attack. A reality in our industry is that there are
no absolutes. Termites are unrelenting in their efforts to find a way into homes, and
there is no single treatment that will permanently rid your home from the threat of termite attacks.
You need to stay vigilant and have the assurance that when things go wrong, you have a company
that will be there to help. All our treatments come with a Company Warranty. That is, we
promise to re-inspect and treat free of charge in the unlikely chance the termites were to
reappear. This is renewable on annual warranty inspections. With all our treatments we apply treatment
labels for future reference as well as providing a 3 page certificate of treatment confirming
that your home has been treated to the Australian Standards by a fully licensed company. Thank you for watching our treatment video,
we understand as a homeowner making a decision of which company is going to treat your home
is a big decision. It comes down to trust. You�ve got to trust that they are going
to do the job right, you�re going to have to trust that they are going to be there in
the future, good or bad. Conquer Termites� reputation has been built on trust, we invite
you to become one of our valued customers.


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