Taking Charge of Your Health

Look at you, the most
popular girl on dialysis. Yeah, apparently
kidney failure comes with more visitors than rehab. How you holding up? I don’t feel great. It’s hard to keep my eyes open. It’s really taking
a toll on her. Dr. Shaw says that some people
have to do this three days a week, four hours a session. Now there’s no need to
get ahead of ourselves. We’re doing a workup
to see if your kidney failure’s reversible. We’ll have a better
idea real soon. I didn’t know you
added another doctor to your dance card.
– Well, yeah. The clinic’s closed
because of the storm. I came by to help out
and figured I’d drop in and meet Nic’s sister too. Can I steal you? Donna’s asking for us. Oh, this is important. It’s a patient we’ve
had a long time. You’ll be back soon? Yes. OK. Alec is into you. You noticed. So I’m right. He mentioned something,
but I shut that down. It must be complicated
to have to work with him. I’m fine. I’m sure you are. Can I punch him? Kidding. This is the new
Conrad, remember? Oh, ha, ha, ha. Thank you. Look, I’m handling it. Trust me. Of course I trust you. I don’t have to be friends
with the guy, though. No, you don’t. Hey, Donna. Hi. How you feeling? Not bad.

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