Taking Charge of Your Health

Before I got this job I was unemployed
for six years. It was a bit of a struggle. I felt down because the only is
knock backs lowers your self-esteem and confidence of actually getting a
position. The biggest barrier for me not getting a job was not having the
training for any of the other jobs out there. But Max Employment were very
helpful and guided us every step of the way. When I came to the training was good way to learn in the environment we were in. Learning customer service, the uniform
presentation, keeping it neat, sharp, and learning about the basics of hospitality. It
was a lot easier coming into the internship having the training. Not
working for two years you do kind of feel a bit scared on the inside stepping
into it whole new world. After the training I got offered a six-week
internship. When I started the training I was very motivated because I knew that
there was an internship at the end of it and potential employment. It gave me
more of a step up to actually progress into that position. When I got told that
I got the job after six weeks it was one of the best feelings to be able to start
paying my own way. When I got offered the position for Vikings as a bartender at
Erindale I felt tremendous. I’ve come out of my shell more we’ve got more
confidence. I’ve got a reason to get up in the morning and it feels, it feels good.

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