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How to use coriander seed water for thyroid
problems. 1. You can drink coriander seed water on a daily
basis, to help reduce conditions such as hyperthyroidism. 2. This is often called dhania water. You can simply add a teaspoon of the seeds
into a cup, fill with boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes. Use a strainer to remove the seeds then drink. 3. Drink this twice per day for the best effects,
preferably on an empty stomach. Once in the morning, and once at night. 4. This drink has the positive side effect of
helping you to lose weight in the process. 5. Coriander seeds are extremely healthy for
the body containing a great selection of natural vitamins and minerals. These help your body to fight off all kinds
of infections, and regulate your hormones. 6. Drinking this water is also safe for pregnant
ladies and nursing mothers. 7. Coriander Leaves, also have a great range
of health benefits. We made a separate video discussing these
properties on our channel. Thank you very much for listening, A like
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17 thoughts on “Coriander Seed Water: for Thyroid Problems (Dhania)

  1. also i have to take my thyroid med first thing in the morning and i don't want to lose more weight since I am already underweight plz suggest me when to drink this water and since it contains iron will it interferes with thyriod tab since you are not allowed to take iron with thriod med plz suggest thank u

  2. Can you use coriander powder in the same way (boiled in water etc). Will it have the same effect and also I don't know if to drink the powder with the water or throw it away?

  3. is it really works?, i am taking Coriander Seeds Water twice daily from last 15 days and i have stopped the medicine, my Thyroid levels increased. its better take medicine not the Coriander Seeds Water. please let me know if any one has benefited from Thyroid using Coriander Seeds Water.

  4. Hello please can the seeds help with thyroid eye disease because my eyes has bulge out please and I have hyperthyroidism please reply

  5. My mom having thyroid and she is also underweight….. And don't want to loose more weight…. So is it right to take coriander water??? Please reply

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