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welcome to another MedCram lecture
update from the road I’m currently at a medical conference in Hawaii but will
continue to try to do these updates as they come up if we go to the world of
metre website we can see that they’ve breaking down the cases now into active
cases versus closed cases and you can see that they are still increasing
these numbers are printer represented we’ll get into more of that later then
we come to the graph of looking at the total cases outside of China and those
are still continuing to grow although it doesn’t appear as though it’s
logarithmic in nature we switch over to logarithmic we can see that it’s less
than linear if we look at daily cases excluding mainland China it seems to be
more sporadic with some days with up to 79 and the most recent at 22 and if we look
at these total death cases here going from the beginning of the year until
mid-february it’s quite obvious they’re still continuing to grow what’s unique
about this virus is that it has infected not just another mammalian species
specifically humans but as infected a species that can think act and retaliate
against this virus and that’s where we come to today and some of you have asked
us to talk about some of the medications that are being developed there’s a nice
article in nature that was published just a few days ago there’s more than 80
clinical trials currently launching to test chrony virus treatments and the big
thrust of this article is that there’s so many trials going on in China looking
at every single thing that you could possibly imagine see if it’s going to
work that there’s no standardization what
exactly is a recovery what is the definition of a recovery and if things
are not being blinded but things are being looked at is their nefarious work
they’re either intentionally or unintentionally so we’ll put a link to
this article in the description below but it talks about exactly what the
w-h-o is doing to try to standardize these trials to make sure that they can
be compared amongst each other and that the outcomes are true in nature and not
just to push medications or favorite drugs onto this coronavirus there are a
lot of medications and drugs for instance chloroquine phosphate which has
shown in vitro to have some pretty promising effects against the corona
virus it inhibits coronaviruses growth and currently this is being tested in
about ten hospitals and a hundred patients another drug that’s being
looked at is a VIP Rovere which is being looked at in a clinical trial of about
70 patients and of course the other one REM des aver and that is currently being
looked at in ten hospitals in Wuhan of course this one was developed for Ebola
and worked in vitro but it doesn’t seem to be working in vivo for Ebola but it’s
being used as a potential source of a medication to be used against this
corona virus another that they’re looking at is something
called convalescent plasma this is basically the plasma of patients who had
recovery from this corona virus so presumably there are antibodies that
have already been developed against the virus and if you take this plasma from
these donors and put it into patients who have severe infections of the corona
virus which all brings us to the big question
to really do the right research on this there has to be blind placebo randomized
controlled trials the question that I have and a lot of people have is if
people are saying already that things are looking promising that things are
getting better are they really conducting the right
kind of studies which leads me to the next thing I want to talk about that’s
what I do I’m not a epidemiologist I’m not an
administrator I don’t work for the WHL I’m just a pulmonary critical care
doctor takes care of patients so when patients are coming into the intensive
care unit and they’re crashing I’m the one that puts a central line in I’m the
one who puts the arterial line in we intubate the patient we do the
bronchoscopy so this virus has been a real interest for me so my full-time job
is taking care of patients and wanted to show you what’s been going on at least
what I’ve noticed in my practice in Southern California in the last month or
so I’ve seen personally at least three or four cases of influenza A let’s come
in and these patients have not done well recently had a young person come in who
went from just having reports of the flu to having severe pneumonia requiring
intubation within about two to three days and she went on to actually require
ECMO or ECMO which is where they do heart-lung bypass and what you’re
looking at here is a graph of the influenza positive tests by the CDC and
you can see the vast majority of these cases are h1n1 from 2009 which was a
very bad year we’re noticing that these patients have particularly bad cardiac
reactions to influenza I’ve seen a patient code and go a systolic
after being intubated I had another one who had ST segment elevation from a
biomarker Dittus the bottom line being is that this strain h1n1 is covered in
the annual vaccine that’s been covered since 2009 and so because I’m seeing
such a huge amount of this this is kind of a call-out to those who are
susceptible it’s not too late as you can see here the flu season still has some
weeks to burn through here to get vaccinated against this potentially
deadly strain of the influence a and for those of you who are
interested in our previous discussions where we talked about sleep boosting
your immune system please refer to our previous lectures and also to med cram
comm where we have numerous lectures on sleep insomnia sleep apnea and other
diseases that could be helpful in understanding thank you for joining us

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  2. You're absolutely amazing for taking the time to create more content for your audience, regardless of your location, I respect you for that.

  3. 🇬🇧 Lots of people in the UK had awful flu this season. I was in bed for six days with temp of 101 and when my temp eventually went back to normal I got this awful phlegmy cough that took a month to go! As I'm 66 I never think the flu will kill me, but really worried about this virus.

  4. First of all, thank you so much for these uploads as well as for the rest of the topics. I've used your videos to revise as they are logical and explained in a way I can understand. Same goes for this series. My question is, how long can this virus survive on other objects?

  5. hey, i am currently in kenya and the first suspected case has just been reported. in my own opinion i believe the health care system here is not adequately prepared to handle covid 19.

  6. This virus seems on average to last 2 weeks after it has developed. So to apply Mr Spock logic, 2 weeks ago we had approx 8000 (approx) confirmed cases world wide, today we have 11,147 confirmed recovered!

  7. what i find strange is that the "WHO teams are drawing up a plan for a clinical-trial protocol that could simultaneously be run by clinicians around the world".

    I cannot believe these people do not already have one. This is not the first epidemic, What have they been doing all this time when we had SARS, MERS, EBOLA, HIV.
    so why was not one done then or before?

    i do not agree the trials would be in vain if they actually work the problem is if they do not work. For then one needs further analysis and there a standard approach is essential.
    Measures of clinical outcome are essential as the article cites

    "For example, a person’s stages of recovery or decline should be measured in the same way, regardless of the treatment being tested."

    but there was no evidence cited that shows this is not being done which again is a pity. Moreover, surely this should be done for all
    patients with the illness though more clerical staff would be needed to record the information.

  8. Google + FB could probably calculate everyone who could be possibly infected. They know where everyone is and was at all times.

  9. Remdesivir from Gilead company, the drugs who`s going to save china, its probably a very expensive antiviral med and not patented yet, but i`m confident it will save us from a pandemy!

  10. Yeah, it's infected an intelligent species… a virus that can potentially wipe out a species that is 1000000000000000x more intelligent…

  11. Thinking about this new plasma-based treatment, my concerns are 1) In a country that harvests organs from Falun Gong members, are the plasma 'donors' voluntary? 2) If it is an effective treatment, will any of this plasma go to ordinary folks?
    If it is indeed effective, the billionaires and elite will form an orderly queue, and no-one else will get a look-in.
    I wonder if that's why people are trapped in quarantine 'hospitals' – so survivors can't escape but can have their blood-plasma harvested. Grim.

  12. Does this coronavirus affect other mammals? If so, if it gets out into the countryside, that could be the collapse of wildlife globally.

  13. 70 years old, never had a flu shot, only had the flu once while visiting a doctor to get the only check up I had in the past 30 years. Went back for results, got a throat infection for 3 months. Next time I go to the doctor will be when I'm dead

  14. Hi I am an English man retired 72 years old and live in Jakarta Indonesia. I have lived and worked here for 17 years and have travelled around a lot so seen much of what Indonesia has infrastructure wise.
    I have been following the illness for some weeks and have got a little prepared in respect to sanitisation of my house and my wife's business as well as doing the basics of hand washing and refrain from shaking hands and kiss greetings.

    Many Chinese Indonesians usually go to China for their new year.

    I have been waiting for the illness to hit here and to-date it doesn't appear to have happened.

    Indonesia's major population generally mass in markets to buy food but do not generally have air-conditioning so are in temperatures of low to high 30's. this is different from Singapore and Malaysia who have more air-conditioning in normal daily living.

    The grape vine here would have shown if mass cases have occurred but that doesn't appear to be the case, local hospitals appear not to have cases not are they being over run.

    I am hoping that maybe that the higher temperatures here is an inhibit the virus spread particularly when you look at the cases that have occurred world wide.

    hope its not a pipe dream.


  15. Getting on one of these✈️there’s a good chance that you will be infected 🦠. All. Flights. Should have been grounded a month ago. Why. Keep spreading this virus 🦠if this virus was released to clear the streets of China it worked ???????????????????????????????????

  16. The 1918 Spainish flu had one hospital that claimed a zero death rate . The method they used was two enemas a day to clean out intestines where virus lives and starvation for some days except for pure orange juice which might have been the Vitamin C solution of the day . However that solution might have only stopped the first attack of the virus and no info on if it could stop the second wave cronite storm events that killed in minutes with blood bursting turning victims blue in colour in minutes

  17. Thank you for your sane voice in all the noise. You know you are getting it right when your number of viewers can fill a super bowl stadium 4 times over. Great job👍

  18. WOW!! I google Corona Virus 🦠 when it first spread. The informations was unclear, and fuzzy. This is great!! well informed from a Dr. that can get to the core of this new virus.
    I work in a medical field, it’s great to be informative about this new deadly virus. Thank you Doctor, great video!

  19. It appears that Sars-cov2/Covid-19 causes only mild symptoms in infants. infants are known to have underdeveloped immune systems. It makes me think that the virus causes the most damage by causing a severe allergic reaction in adults, often leading to organ failure.

    It appears that steroids and antiinflammatories would be of benefit.

  20. Because of how our doctors treat Lyme/Morgellons, I have less respect for them…correct that. It's a horror story, and there is no excuse.

  21. I'd also like to say thank you for your updates and being a wonderful doctor. My toddler had influenza a … he thankfully recovered without Tamiflu or medical intervention but I know it's a bad one. I'm curious has he not built an immunity of some sort against it?

  22. Admittedly, the corona virus is indeed horrifying, but in no way does the terror approach the absolute heartbreak, dread, angst, devastation and hopelessness the entire world feels (even the Amazon rain forest tribes have deep concern), about the trauma experienced by those who are existentially oppressed by improper pronouns. Let us all send healing energy to victims of incorrect pronoun oppression! May we prioritize our priorities? Can I get an Amen?

  23. With NEJM change in info on the Germany case. Where is there evidence of this virus passing from one person to another without symptoms. Also you said you are in Hawaii, well two Japanese tourist were in Maui for a period of time and when they returned to Japan they were positive for the virus. Be careful and keep up the great work.

  24. China trying to combat this alone brings the image of “Stepbrothers” to my mind, specifically the scene in witch the first pitch “Prestige World Wide”.

  25. 27jan20 Singapore reported 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 27jan20 US reported 5 confirmed COVID-19 cses. 31jan20 Singapore restricted travel from China. 02feb20 US restricted travel from China. 18feb20 Singapore reported 75 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 18feb20 US reported 15 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Why has the case count grown so much faster in tropical Singapore than it has in the US?

  26. Thank you for your informative videos. I have learned so much from them and you. I come from no medical background. Would you please talk about Nano Silver 10ppm and the possiblilties of it helping to prevent catching the virus (if at all). I recently purchased some in hopes of avoiding avoiding this possible pandemic and would like to hear your input. Thank you.

  27. Workers at sewage treatment plants are at elevated risk. Water droplets in the air above splashing sewage water is quite common at open air sewage treatment plants. Semi-treated sewage water is sprayed on beds of small stones to promote bacterial digestion of sewage particulates remaining in the water. I would not want to live downwind.

  28. "Its infected a species that can think act and relatiate against it" I like that. Thanks for keeping us updated on everything!

  29. Oh boy, I'll be in trouble. I have very severe asthma and have been tubed 7 times so far and it would have been more if I had said ok when they wanted to tube me. I try to fight as long as I'm awake.

  30. Enriched oxygen might make the virus
    Reproduce at a increasing rate as their virulence subsides at a corresponding rate burning themselves out! If not absorbed directly through bloodstream. The cassandra crossing.

  31. My dad had influenza and was on Tamiflu and he was transferred to a separate room in the hospital.
    I thank God we have the NHS in the UK …. they treated my dad exceptionally well and within 9 days he was back on his feet!
    I hope and pray for a cure to this coronavirus Ameen Ya Rabb

  32. I had a heathy, young mother die last week of influenza a last week so that you for bringing up the importance of vaccinations.

  33. To improve the immune system, have 3 teeth of garlic in the morning 2 before sleep and rest, the body will do the rest. And yeah, do not smoke.

  34. Thank you for making these videos! They are super informative and easy to follow! You also don’t use scare tactics like the media and it makes understanding this virus much more tolerable!

  35. Hello! Thank you for your research & knowledge! Please tell us if it's worth buying 1) disposable, and/or 2) non-disposable microporus hazemat suits. Thank you!

  36. How dare the corrupt WHO put a banner on someone actually giving facts, ty for all you are doing for the human race !!

  37. DEAR After conducting many innovative experiments, i found that CAMPHOR INHALERS may restrict this kind of problems,kindly ensure consider this….

  38. Thank you for explaining things so clearly. I'm not sure if this has been asked already as I didn't scroll through ALL of the comments, but I am wondering about the convalescent plasma treatment. Could this cause ADE and make the person exponentially worse?

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