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welcome to another Tsarskoe v2 COVID-19
updates we got numbers we got germany san francisco stocks delta corona virus
vaccine treatment in the US and pandemic and that is with a question mark so
let’s get right to the numbers if we go to the world ometer website if we look
at the number of active cases you can see that 82 percent of those are in mild
condition whereas 18 percent are serious or critical remember these are patients
that got tested because they had symptoms and i imagine that there’s far
more people out there than we know that had corona virus were asymptomatic and
didn’t even know if we look at the close cases this is something that we’re
following people who have gone through the corona virus and come out the other
side or have not come out the other side we’re seeing that about 92 percent of
them have recovered on our discharge in our home and eight percent have died if
we look at the graph of that we can see here that this has not yet reached the
asymptote according to these numbers if you believe them death rate is eight
point four two percent and dropping for those of you who don’t trust the numbers
coming out of China this is an interesting graph here where we look at
the total cases outside of China and you can see that those are going up and
we’re sort of in the epidemic phase especially in South Korea and in Italy
if we look at daily cases excluding mainland China we’ve got here on the
25th of February the highest number to date but please remember that those
cases that are outside of China are just a sliver of the total cases that are
reported by mainland China of course if those numbers in China are far greater
than what they’re reporting then the sliver is even smaller than it is
represented here again back on the main page at the bottom below all of the
countries specific data we have the latest updates during one new death in
Japan three new cases in Thailand and they say that we are entering a full war
with kovat 19 and one new death in South Korea a 73
year-old male if we go back to February 25th
there are 406 new cases and 52 new deaths occurring in China on February
25th as reported by the National Health Commission of China also one new death
in South Korea a female patient who died of acute respiratory failure after being
a minute up to just two days being in the hospital one new death on the
diamond princess this is a person in their 80s two new cases in Italy 60 new
cases in South Korea which is a sharp decline in new cases compared to
yesterday’s 161 new cases so I’ll have to see how that pans out on CNBC they
are reporting as part of their update that there are new coronavirus cases in
Germany this is a 25 year old man living in southern German state of Baden
württemberg and he had a return visit from Italy
he had flu-like symptoms and he’s gonna be treated in isolation and people who
have been in contact with them are going to be put in isolation also see here
that San Francisco has declared a local emergency and they have a total caseload
of zero but they are trying to take a proactive action kind of an interesting
thing of course the big news of the day is somebody at the CDC which we’ll talk
about said that it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when Cova 19 comes to
the United States in full force and of course that caused the markets to lose
up to 800 points also we see here that Delta scraps cancellation fees for
Italian flights because of that outbreak big news here is that US health
officials say that human trials on coronavirus vaccine is going to start in
six weeks and we talked about this on the last update and how it is so
different than the previous examples of vaccines that we’ve had and that’s
because instead of injecting you with a protein that your immune system makes
antibodies against what they’re going to be doing is injecting you with the
instructions that is the RNA into your cell so that the antigen presenting
cells that normally present these antigens to your immune system will make
the protein on its surface and then present it to your immune
system to make the antibodies against it this allows you to make manipulations as
the virus apparently mutates it also cuts down on
production time it allows you to get a vaccine out during an epidemic as
opposed to after the epidemic has passed and a lot of people have suffered from
this and it also allows you to scale and reach millions and millions of people
with this type of vaccine and we talked about that yesterday we got more
information about that today here’s a really interesting article this is from
Harvard University and believe it or not this was published in May of 2015 that’s
five years ago that they were looking at this type of technology and we’ll leave
a link to this website in the description below goes through a lot of
interesting things for instance a lot of questions yesterday regarding how do you
get this RNA into the cells well it talks about what RNA does and I would
recommend you watch our molecular biology primer which will put the link
to to bone up if you will on exactly how does the cellular
structure work because that’s going to become really important for you to
understand if you want understand how these vaccines work so that talks about
that here it says in the living cell of the organism DNA is the molecule that
contains the genetic information of that organism it’s composed of a series of
four building blocks which we talk about that gets copied into a structure called
RNA which carries that information into the rest of the cell that’s the cytosol
or the cytoplasm and it’s there that this RNA genetic information is
translated into proteins so you can see here what happens is you get injected
this is the RNA that they have figured out it goes into your special type of
cells called antigen presenting cells these are typically the cells that go
around looking for things that shouldn’t be there eating them up and presenting
the antigens usually proteins to your immune cells that’s how a normal vaccine
works well here these little code instructions will go into the antigen
presenting cell and the cell itself will make a portion of the viral protein the
portion that they feel is the best to make antibodies against they will make
that protein inside of their own cells and present it which will stimulate the
immune response and RNA is injected into the body this
RNA encodes the information to produce the antigen which is a protein from a
pathogen that will stimulate the immune system inside the cells the RNA is used
to synthesize the antigen which is exposed to the cell surface this is the
new part here then a subset of immune system cells recognize the antigen and
trigger an immune response so it’s quite interesting you can see here that once
you have the real pathogen that comes in you already have the immune system built
up and you can get a rapid response or a strong response and I will put a couple
of other links of some videos below that describe this kind of technology if you
want more information on that we’re gonna talk about that in subsequent
lectures the next thing I want to talk to you about is this fortunate article
about the first u.s. trial for a corona virus treatment that is started and this
is an interesting situation because of course the question is if we’re gonna do
this in United States who are we going to do it with and this is not a vaccine
this is the treatment and it’s using this medication that we’ve talked about
before called REM des aver now Ramez aver is a antiviral but the way it works
is it is a nucleotide analog that basically prevents and truncates or
stops the ability of RNA to reproduce and make these long RNA strings and
we’ll talk a little bit more about that mechanism in our course on what is a
corona virus and how does it infect the cell and we’re still working on that but
we should be able to have that out shortly the NIH confirmed on Tuesday
that the first u.s. clinical trial for a corona virus treatment has launched at
the University of Nebraska so this is a gold standard study where they are going
to give patients placebo or the real thing and the reason why they’re doing
this is because they don’t know if this medication works but they’re certainly
gonna try to find out and they’re gonna use patients that have already been
infected with kovat 19 that have come back from the diamond princess or have
been quarantined and found to have the corona virus if they develop symptoms so
again who are these patients the first u.s. patient to enroll in the trial is
according to the NIH an American who volunteered for the study the individual
was one of thousands of people quarantined on the
princess cruise ship in Japan before being repatriated to the United States
which all brings us back to the last item and that’s this idea about pandemic
pan of course meaning everywhere ademma keening a situation or infection so the
common cold is a pandemic the flu virus is a pandemic a pandemic simply
describes how broad and far-reaching is this infection what are the US health
officials say based on this news report we have an shoots at the principal
deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control prevention told
reporters at a news briefing quote it’s not so much a question of if this will
happen anymore but rather more question of when this will happen and how many
people in this country will become infected and how many of those will
develop a severe or more complicated disease Health and Human Services
Secretary Alex as are added we can’t hermetically seal off the
United States and so a lot of these people that are being repatriated have
these viruses they’re keeping them in quarantine and we will see how this goes
there is hope of course that we can stave this off and that somehow if
there’s increasing temperatures in spring and summer that perhaps this
might depress the growth of the corona virus there are some examples where this
could be true we have some data to show that this might be true we also have
data that this might not be true right because we have places like Singapore
and warmer countries where there is still a growth of the corona virus so
getting back to our agenda the big story currently is what they’re doing here
with the vaccine with the RNA and what they’re doing with the treatment with
the randomized controlled trial that’s big news and then of course this
pandemic is not going to change what we do in terms of the virus it’s simply
going to change the perception the perception the virus can sometimes be
more dangerous than the virus itself it is best to do what you can do on a
rational basis to improve your chances of not getting the corona virus but if
you do surviving it

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  23. This Covid19 is a bio weapon!!!Wake up world and start to protest to
    shut down and close all 4 Lab around the globe!!!Otherwise we will die
    soon!It's crime and genocide, geopolitical war!

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  31. Dr. Seheult, could you please talk about the ACE2 receptors?
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