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(light music) – Yeah, I feel it. (gasping) (light music) – I am Dr. Robert Cohen. I am a physician here in
Los Angeles, California. I do minimally invasive
cosmetic surgical procedures and I specialize in the PRP
or platelet-rich plasma. When you get an injury, scab forms. That scab will heal the
cut and it will go away. What we’re looking for is we’re
getting all those platelets, that’s the component of your
blood that causes the healing. It causes the healing because
once the platelets get to the wound, they get
together, they’re sort of like a group, and they release
stem cells and growth factors. Now those stem cells and growth
factors are what your body normally uses to heal itself and to grow. What we’re doing is we’re
hyper-concentrating them and we’re injecting them back into the
body so the body is now going to be growing and healing
itself and revitalizing, rejuvenating, much like that
cut on your leg, but it’s going to be done in normal, uninjured tissue. Today we have a male and a female. The female has some pain
issues, so sex is a little bit difficult for her. What we’re going to do is
we’re going to focus on the anterior wall of the vagina
and inject the PRP there. The man has used the Viagra. We’re going to inject along
the shaft and then we’re going to probably inject a
little bit more in the head to increase the sensation. (light music) – We’ve been together for 17 years. I’ve been having some
problems, very painful sex, also a lot of tearing. I just wanted to try this
treatment to see if it helps. – For the last few years I’ve
been using different pills to help me out perform sexually. Sometimes they give you side
effects and I’ve heard that this is a great treatment. – The O shot and the P shot
are based on platelet-rich plasma where we take a sample
of blood from the patient, we spin it down, separate
out the platelets. We hyper-concentrate the
platelets and once those platelets are hyper-concentrated and
injected back in the blood, there’s a cascade system
that occurs that it releases stem cells and 20
different growth factors. (light music) – Oh my God. I’m doing this. – Called the O shot. It’s a procedure where we
take the same platelet-rich plasma, we inject into the
clitoral area and the anterior wall of the vagina. What this does is it increases
vascularity and sensation into the clitoral area and the
anterior wall of the vagina right above what they call the G-spot. So it will be easier for
the female to achieve orgasm as well. You okay, Lace? – I’m fine. – Take a breath for me. (deep breathing) – Yoga breathing. – Little bit? – Yeah, I feel it. (gasping) Okay. – Breath. Distract her please, Brooke. – That’s better. I did feel it initially. – You should feel pressure. – Yeah. – There’s gonna be five injections on you. I’m gonna be doing one on each
side, two and 10, at the base of the penis, one in each
side, the middle part of the penis, and then one
injection around the corona, maybe two around the head of the penis. It’s gonna increase the sensitivity. Once the PRP is injected
into the penis, the man will usually pump to spread
the platelet-rich plasma. – It’s gonna be painful after, doctor? – No. And then within about a week,
most of the men notice that there’s a stronger erection. A lot of men that have been
on erectile dysfunction medications will not have
to use as much and sometimes are not even going to
have to use any of it. We’re all done. – Done already? – Yeah. – Oh wow. This is amazing. – You should start to feel
something within the first to second week. So you go forth and make magic. – Thank you so much, doctor. – Thank you so much. (light music) – I had the O shot about
three and a half weeks ago. It was a little painful
for me, but it was worth it because I did have some results. I do feel that I have more
moisture and less dryness. I think that with the second
shot I might gain some more improvement, so I’m
looking forward to that. – Very happy with the results. First because there was no pain involved. I’ve been noticing some
enlargement in my penis and morning erections that I haven’t
faced in a long time. Anyway, I’m very happy with the results. I’m ready to do my second
shot as soon as I’m scheduled to do this again. (light music)

100 thoughts on “Couple Gets Genital Injections To Better Their Sex Lives

  1. I’m neither here or there about cosmetic surgery. Or maybe I’m not…hmm…I’m not sure, maybe folks reading this can tell me? My view is I think it’s good if it addresses the reasons that someone is having it, given that the reason is a sensible one ( that is definitely not for me to decide, I feel that’s for the individual and for the surgeon to discuss ) and not caused by a form of or similar to body dysmorphia, and even then it’s not a no no, but I would hope it has to be green lighted by an individual correctly trained to make that call, and just as important is that they are truly not in anyway associated, affiliated etc to the surgeon carrying out the procedure or the company etc the surgeon works for…..this is due to something’s I’ve seen carried out that common sense would say should never have been done….anyway, back to what this comments about.
    This was interesting viewing. Luckily myself nor my partner need anything like this, for many reasons, however, I understand that there are many that would benefit from these procedures. I feel we’re in a time and age where a lot more pressure is put on men and women to be able to “perform” when it comes to sex, maybe even to an unrealistic level, regardless of age. I’m also aware that sex is also something these days that has the ability in some situations to carry a lot of weight in how and even IF a relationship works or carry’s on.
    Hopefully this will address the many problems that can occur for said men and women, and bring happiness and confidence to many who would before this procedure would of been met with an outlook/outcome the exact opposite.
    Thanks for sharing
    Kindest regards
    Wales, UK

  2. Seems like only very few people here realise how groundbreaking this technology is overall concerning medical advancement and how, in this video, it actually was a great help for a very sweet couple and their love life.
    Just think about it, that'll be you in about 20 years.

  3. Why are y'all complaining this is genuinely interesting like just hearing the fucking science that goes into this and how happy the couple is

  4. Please be careful of such procedures involving the reintroduction of processed blood into your body. There was an infamous case in Hong Kong which had fatal and dire consequences for several women.

  5. I am a diabetic that injects into my thighs multiple times a day and I have had two children but would never let somebody inject anything inside my vagina unless it was to save my life

  6. They're doing what they think is best for them. I highly doubt they were coerced into this. She has pain during sex and it's difficult for him to get it up! Let them get the injections. I hope it works out for both of them! Best of luck!

  7. Yea… Just try nofap. You're gonna end up with 8 hours erections all night long during sleep until the morning.

  8. It's messed up that I'm gonna ask my hubby about this lmao nothing worse then really wanting to but you fall short at the worst moment……getting old sucks

  9. Greetings and thank you to all who have submitted comments and questions!
    Please call the office at (310) 443-5273 for a free consultation on this wonderful procedure. My patients truly love the rejuvenation of their love life, both physically and emotionally. A healthy sex life is important to every intimate relationship and this procedure addresses a number of important factors which contribute to your healthy sex life!
    Please call for more information. Have a wonderful day!
    "When looking for the perfect gift for your partner, OPT-4-Love!"
    Robert H. Cohen, M.D.

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