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You all know that after eating, cows burp and fart. Just like them, after eating even we burp and fart. Vehicles, burps and farts release a gas called Methane. Its chemical formula is CH4. Do you know in the world there are 1.6 billion cows. Each of these cows releases 100kg of methane in its farts and burps. All of this is released by a single cow! A new research has said that, climate change is caused by the emission of the Methane gas by cows. You may think this is a joke. However this is the truth, I am not joking. Let me explain. Why is this so dangerous? You all know what a Greenhouse is. A greenhouse is made completely of glass and there are many plants inside it. During the day when the sun is up, the heat enters the greenhouse. If the temperature is around 30 degrees, the same heat is trapped within. Towards the end of the day, the temperature may fall to 28-25 degrees. However the temperature within the Greenhouse which was 30 degrees remains constant. This is how a Greenhouse works. Inside the Greenhouse there are gases. The names of the gases are O3-Ozone, CO2-Carbon Dioxide, CH4-Methane and N2O-Nitrous Oxide. These are the four gases that are present. These gases absorb the heat of the sun and does not let the heat go. The heat remains throughout the day even after the sunsets. This is the Greenhouse Effect. Just like how the Greenhouse gases absorb the sun’s heat and keep the temperature constant, the same phenomena occurs on earth where the heat is trapped within our atmosphere. You all know this by the name Global Warming. You all have been warned about Global Warming. The Earth’s temperature is continuously increasing and is causing climate change. You all know that there are so many vehicles being used and causing pollution. This is the reason for climate change. Researchers say that 18% of the Methane-CH4 in the atmosphere is given out by cows. For example, the burning of 1,000 litres of petrol is equivalent to climate change caused by one cow’s farts and burps. What do you think? Does the CH4 emitted from all the farts and burps disappear within a day?, two days or a week? Not at all! The CH4 remains in the atmosphere for 10 years after which it disappears. As the gases are emmitted, it will continue to remain in the atmosphere for 10 years. There is a small good news. A researcher said that in Canada, a farmer in a village would feed his cows extremely low cost food because he couldn’t afford it. He fed them seaweed. This reduced the emission of CH4 by 20%. They found another alternative where they fed the cows with red seaweed. The methane released through their farts and burps became zero. The researchers found the perfect solution! Now this is not a problem as there is a solution. If the world’s climate is changing due to emission of such gases in the atmosphere, Don’t worry! Like I said earlier, if farmers feed their cows seaweed and care about the food given to their cattle, then the emission of the gases reduce and the climate will be back to normal & become healthier This is possible.

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  1. First of all, vehicles are not the main cause of emissions. The top 100 corporations produce over 70% of all global emissions, and yes agriculture and particularly meat production are major culprits.

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