Taking Charge of Your Health

You live a clean and healthy lifestyle. You’ve cleansed your body *and* your mind,
but not your libido, yet. If you don’t trust Big Pharma to sell you GMO-riddled food and drugs, why would you trust Big Pornography
with your most intimate needs? I used to spank it to processed pornography every day,
and my body’s just filled with toxins! Each piece of certified homeopathic pornography
is infused with real nanopixels of a hundred percent, pure, organic, ass fuckin’. [Whisper]
Butt stuff. All right, good. [~honk]

48 thoughts on “Crapshots Ep245 – The Homeopathy

  1. Well that was homegrown comedy at its best! No processed jokes in this one. I feel like I haven't laughed this cleanly in years!

  2. Something I've always wondered… is that supposed to be "butt stuff" in the noun sense, ie stuff that involves butts… or in the verb sense, ie butts that are being stuffed with other things (or stuffed into other things?)…

    … No, YouTube, I don't think I will also share this comment on Google+. Thanks for the offer.

  3. Actually, I put a homeopathic amount of pornographic imagery into each of my youtube comments. So yeah, your boner right now isn't awkward, it just means it works. (And you apparently like weird stuff with horses, sicko!)

  4. I don't think that's been diluted to proper homeopathic standards yet, Paul. You need to throw it in a tumbler with 1000 other fresh sheets of white paper, extract one sheet, throw that in another tumbler with another 1000 fresh sheets, and then repeat that process 8 more times.

  5. I have always liked the term "butt stuff", because it does not necessarily have to deal with butt fucking.  It just has to deal with stuff pertaining to the butt.

  6. This is no way a criticism of the current model (ya'all's got to do what you need to do), but I feel like this could have been a really cool sketch.

  7. Showed this to a female friend of mine, she said she didn't like it.

    Then i asked "Yeah but what about the video?"

  8. I didn't think I'd see Paul breathing ass stuff onto a piece of paper this afternoon but here we are.

  9. What happened to the paper at the end wasn't just a camera effect to protect innocent eyes. The porn is so natural and "pure", that the very fabric of the universe bends around it to make it look pixelated to all who lay their eyes upon it.

  10. The way Kathleen talks during this sketch is probably the best part, just because of how close to life it is. These people are so clueless that they don't even realize it and think they know what's right.

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