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Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here with Dr. Chris Zaino. Chris, good to be here with you, bud. Dr. Zaino: What’s up, Josh? Good to see you. Dr. Axe: We’re going to be talking about today
daily success. Chris is one of the most successful people
I know in, really, all areas of his life. Chris, I know that I’ve been really impressed
with you. I know I’ve gone and stayed with you in The
Woodlands there in Texas several times, and I’ve just seen the way you are with your wife,
Whitney, the way you are with your kids, the way you are in practice, and the way you are
physically with working out. You and I were having a conversation about
what it really takes to be successful in business. The thing that you brought up is it’s not
really about being successful in business. It’s about your daily habits and being your
identity. It’s about the way you conduct yourself and
really how being successful really should permeate every area of your life. Talk about you, your daily life. What is the mindset you have to have? Number two, I’d love to kind of get a glimpse
into your daily life. What are these habits and things you’re doing
every day? Dr. Zaino: That was a great point, because
for the longest time, and I don’t know if you went through this too, I felt that my
identity was in what I did. Therefore, if I was a good doctor, I was a
successful person. What would happen to the rest of my life? My life was in a compartment, in a box. Then over the years, I realized, “Wait a second. Being a doctor didn’t make me successful. I’m a successful person, and I bring that
into whether I’m a doctor, a dad, a husband, or I am speaking with you right now.” It’s like, wait a second. It was the opposite. That meant that something dictated my happiness
versus, “I’m going to become a successful person.” Developing me, mentally, physically, socially,
spiritually, was the key foundation to actually be successful in all the other areas of my
life. Dr. Axe: I see this with a lot of doctors,
especially chiropractors as well. There’s this low self-esteem. Talk to me about that a little bit. Why do you think that is? Again, there are a lot of chiropractors out
there who lack self-esteem. What are some things for yourself . . . Again,
I know you’re a really confident person. You’re not egotistical, but you’re very confident
and have a good self-esteem, which we should all have. You know who you are. Why do you think chiropractors have that issue
and what are some things that you’ve done or that mindset you have that’s caused you
to have this this level of confidence? Dr. Zaino: It really came to personal development,
because I believe the low self-esteem issue was . . . I can only talk for myself. When I started in chiropractic, I came from
a part where . . . Really, my whole life, I was raised in a dogma where if I was anything
that was considered prideful or ego, I was actually considered anti-God, a bad person,
sinner. As a chiro, I was trained to go out and serve
and serve. Because I wanted to avoid any pride or ego,
I swung the pendulum over this side but not humility, false humility. False humility is this martyring. I wouldn’t accept the thank you from a patient
or the love from the patient or the appreciation from my peers. What started to happen? False humility, what it does is it drive self-esteem
down, it pulls out your human value, and it’s this martyring thing that takes all self-importance
away, and then you wonder why you stay depressed and resent things. I realized that it was okay to say, “Hey,
this is the gifts and talents I’ve been given, and I could be okay with that.” I realized if I can’t accept love, how can
I give it away? If I can’t be confident or be proud of the
gifts and talents and have the level of self-importance that I am helping people, how can I give that
away? Then I said, “I’ve got to work on me and be
okay with it.” That’s not a sin. In fact, it became what I call “selfish unselfish.” If Josh doesn’t work on Josh, if I don’t work
on myself . . . I work on myself so I can be a servant and serve to such a capacity
that the world has never seen before. That’s how that shift happened. The self-esteem thing is just saying, “Hey,
wait a second. I am a hero. I’m not this this piece of meat that means
nothing. I am an important person.” I think it just comes from some people’s dogmas. For me, that’s what it was. Dr. Axe: It’s a huge point, Chris. This is something that I’ve seen in working
with a lot of chiropractors and other entrepreneurs and practitioners. I was really blessed to have a dad who all
the time came up to me and said, “I’m proud of you.” I think for a lot of chiropractors out there,
they’ve never . . . Maybe they didn’t have that family environment where their dad or
their mom or loved ones said, “Hey, I’m proud of you. You are great. You’re doing a great job.” I think a lot of people never had that, so
you’re right. A lot of these groups and organizations today,
they instill this thing in you, this false humility, which is so damaging. Again, that’s one of the reasons why I know
you’re so successful. As Dr. Chris is talking about, some of the
things that you can start doing with that is working on personal growth. Go back and find out why is it that you have
low self-esteem? Is it because you didn’t have a coach or a
father or somebody telling you they were proud of you? Then there’s a biblical way around that knowing
that you have a Father in heaven who is proud of you and really meditating on who you are. Again, if you’re watching this as a child
of God and those types of things, these are things that Dr. Chris and I both meditate
on in a regular basis. Dr. Chris, let’s look inside your life right
now. Again, you’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Dr. Zaino: Tons of stuff. Dr. Axe: You recently won Mr. Universe. Dr. Zaino: Last year, yes. Dr. Axe: I came out of, early on, and it’s
been years, doing a lot of weightlifting and just a little bit of bodybuilding. I know the amount of time it takes. It’s crazy the amount of time and focus. You’ve got a great relationship with your
wife, Whitney. You’re spending time with your kids. You’ve got to practice. You’re building other brands, so a whole other
entrepreneur. With all that going on, let’s look at your
week. Break it down. What does a morning look like, an afternoon? Walk me through your day from waking up to
the time you go to bed. Dr. Zaino: The greatest commodity you have
is not money, it’s time. We could always make more money. I saw you scoreboards out there. I love it. We’re never going to get more time. Waking up early, if I wake up at 8:00 a.m.
versus at 4:00 a.m. . . . If I wake up at 4:00 a.m., I created
four extra hours. In one day, that’s a lot. Compound that over seven years. Think how much extra time you have. The morning is so important to me because
the kids and wife are sleeping, and that’s my personal time. Here’s my whole routine. I work on me first, so I wake up. I do my detox protocol. I wake up, I do my sauna, the coffee enemas. I do all those things. I read my personal development books or anything
I’m that thinking about. If I’m working on a keynote talk, I work on
that. My morning routine is almost like an hour
and a half. I do the vitamin D bed. In the morning, I’m listening to podcasts. I’m just multitasking. I’m just filling myself up for two hours,
and it’s setting my spirit, my mind and my focus to true north. I am filling myself up. Now I’m recharged. I eat a good healthy breakfast and then I’m
off. I’m off to work. From 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., I could pour
into those people. That morning routine is so important because
that’s when the day gets going. Circumstances might take you around, but the
morning is so important. The reason why in the afternoon shift I work
out is because, for me, competing meant . . . I always have the urge to grow and expand as
a human being. We all do. Growth. We always have to grow. That’s why if you feel stagnant, even though
you’re doing great, you’re never satisfied. We’re drivers, so that’s why I competed again. It’s because I wanted to flex the discipline
muscle. When I competed, when I wake up early . . . Four
o’clock in the morning always feels like 4:00 in the morning. It’s never, “Hey, it feels great today.” It’s like, “It’s 4:00 in the morning. It sucks.” My phone is in the other room, Josh, so I
have to get out of bed to shut the thing up. That’s how I get out of bed. Dr. Axe: That’s smart. Dr. Zaino: It’s strengthening this discipline
muscle because the discipline muscle is really the root foundation for the successful day. It makes you do things where others wouldn’t
want to do it, and it’s just those other little things that make you successful, and discipline
is the cornerstone for that. I work out for discipline. I do all those things for discipline, because
as that muscle gets stronger . . . When I eat the things that . . . Trust me. We both like the way food that’s not good
for you tastes. Come on. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Zaino: We all like the taste of pizza,
but I don’t because I know it’s strengthening my discipline. I’m feeding my body. When I eat food, I think in my mind, Josh,
and you do the same, “Food is medicine.” I think, “My body’s recreating itself, what
I’m about to put in my mouth.” Think of it that way. I am recreating myself from what I’m about
to eat, so there’s such a big why behind what I do. All these things keep that mindset huge, body,
mind, spirit. I need to be on my A-game because when we’re
dealing with patients, what if I’m off? What if I didn’t speak life into them when
they need to? What if I wasn’t sharp enough? We’re talking about people’s entire future
in the balance if we’re not able to lead them. Dr. Axe:It’s huge. Dr. Zaino: When I when I want to build something
else, like another brand, just like you do, we make the decision. Can we do it at 100%? If I can’t, I’m out. I won’t even do it. If I could build it in the system on my life,
if I could get my wife on board and the family on board . . . For us, we’re taking the kids out of school
because I want them to travel with me now. We’ll get them tutored. Whitney is the CEO. I made her the CEO of the new brand, the I
Am Hero brand. Why? She feels a part of it, and now she realized
it’s not just Chris going off and it becomes like what happened . . . Here I was doing
this in chiropractic, and she was home with the kids. That caused resentment. Now she’s the boss and I’m the Avatar. I’ve got to get everybody on board, and then
when my wife’s on board and my kids are on board, my wife lets me drive as hard as I
can because she knows it’s worth it. Her allowing me to do me, she has the best
husband she’ll ever have. Everything has to be in there. She allows me to do my thing. She allows me to work till 10:00 p.m. or 11:00
p.m. if I have to, because she knows we’re all part of the whole journey together. Dr. Axe: It’s so awesome. Involving your spouse in what you’re doing
is . . . I know for myself, Chelsea and I, our personalities are . . . We just get along
and we mesh, but there is definitely more energy and empowerment when we’re doing things
together. We love working out together. We love doing part of the Dr. Axe Fitness
brand together. When we’re doing that together, there’s absolutely
this invigorating effect that happens. I want to mention this as well. What Dr. Chris said here is so critical. You’ve got to have that morning time to invest
in you. I used to say, “Even if after 8:00 a.m. the
rest of the day didn’t happen, I still had a successful day.” Dr. Zaino: “I won.” Dr. Axe: I’m not quite 4:00 a.m., and this
is why Chris’ biceps are still so much bigger than mine. He’s doing curls for one and a half hours
before I get up. I’m a somewhere before 5:30 a.m. guy. Anyway, you get up at 5:30 a.m. and still
. . . Let’s say you can’t do 4:00 a.m. Let’s say you can just do 5:30 a.m. to 7:00
a.m. Again, an hour and a half or for just an hour,
just 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., do something. Dr. Zaino: Even 20 minutes. Dr. Axe: There you go. Dr. Zaino: That’s the thing. What we don’t want to do is . . . Josh, how
long did it take you to develop the routine you did now, honestly? How long you’ve been doing it for? Dr. Axe: Fifteen years. Dr. Zaino: When you see my life . . . I apologize. I’m apologizing right now that I even told
you my morning routine, because my morning routine just started with 10 minutes. Then you’re looking at over 10 years. Start with the 10 minutes. I was able to develop the capacity to add
that one thing. Then when I learned something from you on
detox protocols, I said, “I’m going to add this detox protocol.” It was all that. I added maybe one thing every couple months. See, you’re looking at the end result of 10
to 15 years of it. I don’t want that to overwhelm someone to
say, “Screw it. I can’t do this.” Dr. Axe: Another point I want to bring up
too is all of these things work together. If you get home from the office and you’re
sitting down and drinking half a bottle of wine and popping some chips and watching TV
up until 11:30 p.m., don’t try to get up at 4:00 a.m. That’s not going to work. Dr. Zaino: What would you say for the night
owls? You and I are early morning people, but there
are some people that have the luxury where they do their best work . . . They hustle
until 2:00 in the morning, and they have the luxury . . . It just shifts. If you wake up at 10:00 a.m., you wake up
10:00 a.m. if you are that late night worker, but I need to be in bed. What happens, Josh, is your body becomes sensitive. I know when I lose that one hour of sleep. I know when my routine is off. Your body becomes so sensitive in a good way
because you’re so in tune to your performance that you know immediately, “I shouldn’t have
eaten that last night.” Then you don’t eat that, because if we drank
and ate tonight and we felt . . . It only takes a couple next mornings of feeling like
this to realize, “I don’t like this.” Then it’s not a motivator anymore to eat that
stuff. Dr. Axe: My wife and I were reading something
recently, and they were putting people in categories of their circadian rhythms and
where they operate in their strength the best. I was a lion and Chelsea was a bear. They’re talking about . . . Dr. Zaino: You don’t call her a bear, do you? Dr. Axe: No, never. If she calls herself a bear, that’s fine. Dr. Zaino: You’re a lion? Dr. Axe: Yes, a lion. Lions like getting up early and at like 9:00
p.m. they’re like, “I’m ready. I’m ready to go to bed because I’m so excited
about the morning.” For Chelsea, she is so productive in the morning,
but she goes and finds her quiet, special place. She goes somewhere in the morning, a room
by herself, spends time with God, goes from there and works out. Different personality types can do it different. That’s the thing. It comes back to that thing, Chris, that you’re
so good at, and it’s that discipline of creating that daily habit and putting this force field
around it, having it protected to where nothing interrupts this special time to where you’re
growing and building your self-esteem and confidence and your relationship with God
and your family. Dr. Zaino: It makes me the best version of
myself, and that’s the best thing I could give others. Dr. Axe: One of the things we’d love to encourage
you guys to do is this. Spend some time and write down the most important
things in your life. Write down the time you’re going to spend
with God, the time you’re going to spend with yourself, the time you’re going to spend with
your family, and the time you’re going to spend on your mission. You need to make sure, every single week,
those things are given time, because if they’re not given time, they’ll never grow. In fact, a lot of those things are ignored,
so they start to deteriorate rather than grow over time. Make sure you’re giving those things that
time. Implement those in your daily schedule. I want to thank Dr. Chris for your great wisdom
today. You rock, my man. Dr. Zaino: Thank you so much. Dr. Axe: Thanks so much. Dr. Zaino: For full circle, doing those things,
Josh, what would that do to your self-esteem? Dr. Axe: It’s going to take it to the next
level. You’ll see as well . . . It’s amazing. Chris, I think a lot of times people think,
“This is going to take five years.” Honestly, if you start doing these daily routines,
after three months, all of a sudden you’ll notice. You become a different person in three months. It can happen that fast. Dr. Zaino: Absolutely. Dr. Axe: Awesome, guys. I want to encourage you to check out some
of Dr. Chris’s inspiring information. Check him out on Facebook DrZaino, and DrZaino
on Instagram. I love this brand and how inspiring it is. I love watching these videos and content myself. Guys, thanks for watching. Hi. Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video. Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you want
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