Taking Charge of Your Health

What’s going on guys? Dr. Jubbal. I want to introduce you to somebody. Hey everyone! My name is David. I’m a medical student here at Stanford. I originally grew up in Seattle and then
went to the University of Washington for my undergraduate degrees
in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and now I’m starting my last year here
at Stanford Medical School. – First of all, why Stanford for medical school? – Yeah. Good question. Well Stanford, I think inarguably has some
of the best flexibility out of any medical school. It’s really like a ‘carve your own path,
choose your own adventure’ in terms of finding things you’re
passionate about and finding people that are willing to
support you in pursuing those passions. So, I just felt like I could choose what
I was interested in and pursue those things and that’s really what brought me here. – So walk us through what the journey is like
through medical school here at Stanford. – Really for any medical school the way it’s split up is,
the first two years are in the classroom. Book learning, figuring out, you know,
different kinds of diseases. What’s normal, what’s not normal,
and how to take care of patients. And then the final two years,
3rd and 4th year are the clerkships, which means that you’re rotating through the hospital,
helping actually take care of patients on a variety of different services. At Stanford, a number of students
choose to take an additional year. – Because med school is just so much fun. – ’cause med school is so fun.
– Why get out in 4 – How could you possibly leave– Absolutely.
– when you can do it in 5? [Kevin] So what do other students do
during their year off? – Lots of students, I’d say most students
pursue some kind of research project. Usually, basic science or clinical research. Other students will pursue an
additional degree. Like I have many friends who are
getting a master’s in Public Health. Start-ups are very common. This is Silicon Valley. So we have many medical students,
who are pursuing those kinds of interests. And then you know, there’s people like me who really are passionate about teaching
and education that are involved with the
medical school in that way. [music playing] – So we’re down here near the Anatomy labs. Anatomy is a class that
all first-year medical students take, where they learn about the human body, both in lecture form and also in person
with human cadavers. Human cadavers are donated and we have a ceremony that celebrates
the lives of these people and this great gift and privilege they’ve given us of learning
about our future patients through their sacrifice. [music playing] I decided to go into medicine,
sophomore year of college. And you know, I was taking Biochemistry
and Molecular biology classes and I loved that science
but I also found myself equally as interested in the stories and the lives of these people behind all diseases I was learning about. Medicine is this beautiful
blend of all of that science and all of these life stories
and that’s why I love it. I’m excited about Pediatrics
for three main reasons. One, I’m just a happy person
when I’m on Peds. Children are so fun to work with. Parents are fun to work with and the people
that go into this field are just– These are my people. Secondly, you know, I think Pediatrics offers
this really unique educational opportunity in that you have to teach both
parents and their kids about this condition at these
totally different levels and make it make sense. And the third reason is because you know,
parents are so afraid when their children are sick
and that’s such a vulnerable space to be in. I really derive a lot of professional satisfaction
out of being able to provide some level of comfort
within that space. – Action, all right. – Action, lights, camera. [Kevin] Kickass man. – You really like doing that. – All right! All right! All right! – So David. All right. Take it away. – Okay.
– It’s recording. – Yeah.
– Yeah. So for a pre-clinical student, really
it depends whether or not you fall into the class going
or the non class going bucket, right. – So for a class going student they–
– Which one were you? – So I was a class going student.
– Okay. [Kevin] There’s another one floating
right above you. [Kevin] He’s flying.
[David] Hey! Where is he even coming from? – That was an awesome rehearsal.
– Thank you. – Nice. Very nice. [music playing]

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