Taking Charge of Your Health

dear doctor you’re fired
I would no longer be a patient in your care because you didn’t care I waited
for an opening on your calendar I waited in the lobby many times I waited for
results I waited for answers I never got them
I left my appointments with more questions than when I came I left with
scars where my breasts had been because you only gave me three options surgery
radiation chemotherapy I was told that the pain was a part of the process I was
told that sleeping eating and getting around would become small victories to
celebrate if I could even accomplish these things I was told that there was
nothing else you could do but that wasn’t true was it another doctor knew
to test and see how well my body will respond before I began chemo another
doctor evaluated every possible outcome and educated me about my cancer my body
and my overall health I’ve been given supplements a nutrition plan and
exercise regimen more importantly I’ve been given hope and a reason to keep
fighting to you I was nothing more than another patient’s file to them I am a
daughter a wife and a mother who was fighting to beat cancer you

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