Taking Charge of Your Health

>>Joseph Boveri, MD: My name is Joseph Boveri,
I’m a GYN oncologist, part of the GYN Oncology Specialists of Atlanta, my partner is Dr.
Spann, and we’re part of the DeKalb Medical Physicians Group.>>Cyril Spann, MD: Our practice started in
May of 2013, when we decided to join forces here at DeKalb and it has been a wonderful
experience ever since.>>Dr. Boveri: When I finished my fellowship,
I met Dr. Spann, and that was back in 1994, and we’ve been close ever since. The nice thing about Dr. Spann is that we
see eye-to-eye on how to deliver care to our patients.>>Dr. Spann: Knowing the patient is critical,
after I get to know her, over time, I can tell almost if there’s something wrong when
she walks into the room. That is the beauty of a physician-patient
relationship, because over time, her family will become your family, and you will be able
to take care of her better because of that.>>Dr. Boveri: There’s no typical patient
that we see in our practice. We have patients that range from teenage years
on up to in their nineties. Age is not a determinant factor for surgery. Both Dr. Spann and I are adept at DaVinci
robotic surgery. We utilize those tools to treat each patient
on an individual basis.>>Dr. Spann: Our practice functions in a pretty
much parallel fashion, when he’s in the office, I’m in the operating room, and vice-versa. We have a wonderful front office staff, we
have an attentive chemo therapy nurse, and our nurses in the back office are second to
none. Our practice also has an office on the north
side of the perimeter, so that patients can get easy access to outpatient care without
coming across the perimeter.>>Dr. Boveri: Because we all feel the same
way about patient care, we all want to do the best for our patients, they have access
to both Dr. Spann and I on a 24-hour basis, to the point where we’ve even given out
our cell number, so that patients can actually get a hold of us, if they need to.>>Dr. Spann: We get together in the evenings
with radiation oncologists, clinical nurse specialists, pathologists, and radiologists
to discuss patients who have challenging management problems so that we know that we are doing
the appropriate thing for each patient.>>Dr. Boveri: So when a patient is given a
diagnosis that they might have a cancer or they’ve got a mass, folks don’t want to
stay at home waiting to come see the doctor, so when they call, we get them in literally
the next day if possible.>>Dr. Spann: Never will you come to our practice
and have patients falling out of the waiting room. Here, at Gynecologic Oncology Specialists
of Atlanta, we make sure that every question is answered and each concern is addressed
before the patient leaves the office. If you choose DeKalb medical, you’re going
to get passionate appropriate care.

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