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Hi everybody. I’m DeLaney Gabriel and I’m
a holistic healthcare practitioner in Santa Barbara, California.
I also have offices in Carmel and in Sacramento where I established my practice in 1984.
In my work, I am a Holistic Anti-Aging Practitioner and a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist.
The reason I added hormones to my practice was because, in 1988 when I was working at
Preventive Medical Clinic in Sacramento with Doctor Garry Gordon, I knew that something
was missing with all the patients that we were seeing.
And when I was sitting there doodling on the pie graph one day, I had started looking at
what all those things could have in common and I realized that many of the conditions
including inflammatory diseases, Epstein-Barr Virus, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular
health, all of those things had a link to hormones.
And of course, that’s in addition to the menopause symptoms and all those things that
we readily are aware of. So, I’ve been a member of the American Academy
of Anti-Aging Medicine since 1992. So, from there, I was able to meet and study from a
world-renowned physician who is Doctor Thierry Hertoghe who’s fourth generation endocrinology.
So, from Brussels. So, I’ve learned a lot from him.
I studied with Doctor John Lee who is a major pioneer with hormones and with progesterone
hormone. So, I’ve just had some wonderful opportunities in my career to connect with
some very brilliant pioneers in the field. So, I’m going to be doing a series of videos
that will be entitled, “Speaking from Experience,” and with that, I’ll be relying on all the
experience that I’ve had over all of these years to help people with a lot of modalities
for their health. One of my reasons and goals for doing these
videos is because I really want people to learn how to take care of themselves, how
to use their intuition when maybe they’re given a diagnosis of something they don’t
really feel is correct or maybe when your doctor says that your lab test results are
all fine, but something is wrong with you and you know it.
So, a part of what I do in my specialization is the analysis of lab test results.
So, one of the reasons that I especially love the test results is because when I recommend
supplements for people then there are just some very different reasons why people could
feel better. And there’s also reasons why people could feel worse during their treatment.
But when I’m able to sit down on FaceTime or in the office or just on the telephone
with one of my clients and we’re reviewing lab test results line item by line item, then
they start seeing where they really are improving and they start seeing where they’re failing
and that helps me and my client also be able to fine tune that.
So, proof and solid evidence are really important to me. I was born in Missouri. Gainesville,
Missouri. The show me state. So, just having confirmation that if whatever
I’m treating if I put somebody on supplements and they get better then I, it gives me a
pretty good idea that that supplement is working or that their programs are working and I think
that’s really important that we have something to really judge that by.
So, another one of my really important goals in doing this video and others to follow are
because unfortunately there are drug companies, Schwabe is one, Pfizer is another, who are
buying nutritional companies and supplement companies, some of the companies that I’ve
worked with for over 30, 32 years in my practice. And then other supplement companies are being
bought by investor kinds of companies where they’re really profit driven and among those,
and I want you to know that what I’m telling you is the truth because it’s kind of hard
to believe. But three of those companies that I can name—one
of them is Nestle. So, it’s hard for me to say that because Nestle now owns four of
the major companies that I’ve bought supplements from for years.
But because of certain ethics and things from different companies, I won’t be dealing
with those supplements anymore. Other companies are Proctor & Gamble, and
if you can believe it and I hope you will, even Clorox Company has purchased a supplement
company. So, one of the thing, the things that really
bothers me, not only that is that happening in this market, but that consumers very likely
will not know that your Garden of Life supplement and your Enzymatic Therapies and Integrated
Therapeutics and other companies certainly, you won’t know who owns them.
And if you do care about where your profits go, then you might have other choices.
Well, you do have other choices. So, what I try to do and I try successfully
actually in my practice is to work with companies that are privately owned by real people, by
individuals. Maybe by an LLC or something of that nature. But where the owners are really
steadfastly involved in the runnings and the daily operations of the company.
So, that’s something that’s just really important to me because I want quality for
all of my supplements. And I’m concerned about what the public knows and I’m concerned
about what you don’t know. So, I I know that dealing with healthcare
is a very personal thing. So, that’s why I want to continue to do more videos and progress
with those so that you would possibly relate to me and want to follow me and, of course,
I hope that that would happen. And I’ll be doing more videos on a lot of
different topics that I feel like are pretty popular in the industry these days, things
that people are interested in. And I’ll give you recommendations for how
I use supplements in my practice to treat a lot of different health conditions.
So, I hope that you’ll check out other videos that will be coming with more details and
that for information about me, my website is
And there’s a topic in that in the upper right that says About DeLaney so you can learn
more about my history and how I came from being grown in raised in Oklahoma and Hearing
Officer at US Bankruptcy Court to suddenly being in private practice using knowledge
that I had gained all those years including a lot of life experience.
So, I do hope that you will check all that out and that the information that I provide
for you will be very helpful to you and others. So, thank you for your time and listening
to this video and I look forward to being in touch with you more.
Thank you. Bye now.

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