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I’m going to talk to you about home remedies
for gum disease. Hi my name is Dr. David Wagner, NorthWood Dental; Clearwater, FL. Gum disease
better known as Periodontal disease, is an accumulation of bacteria and debris underneath
the gums next to your teeth which causes infection and inflammation of the gums and destruction
of the bone underneath. So there’s many things that you can do at home to minimize this,
although you can’t always cure gum disease at home; you’ll need your dentist to help
you with that. There are many things you can do at home to maintain it and to prevent the
recurrence of gum disease once you’ve had the treatment done at your dentist office.
So there’s things like flossing underneath the gums, brushing of course, there’s mouth
rinses whether it be just warm salt water rinses with some peroxide in it. These things
can be used to flush just a small amount, a cap full of peroxide along with a quarter
teaspoon of salt and some warm water is a very good disinfectant and soothing to the
gums. There’s also irrigation devices you can buy at the drugstore to help actually
flush out the toxins and acid underneath the gums. So all these things can be done at home
to help you maintain or prevent gum disease. My name is Dr. David Wagner, NorthWood Dental;
Clearwater, FL.

10 thoughts on “Dental Health & Gum Disease : Home Remedies for Gum Disease

  1. @slivermoon22 Did you heal your lost bone back? Can you give more details how many times you rinse your mouth with distilled water and tea tree oil? What is myrrh and vodka rinse? which vodka you used and how many times in a day? How long it took to fully cured?… Sorry for so many questions. I would appreciate your help… Thanks a lot. – Sahej

  2. Thanks for the tips. I have gotten an infection for about a week not and I have seems to get it down so I am now looking for ways to just clear out the bacteria

  3. thnx for tips…but what if  I have no teeth and my gums are infected underneath the gum line…..anything less than surgery for cavitations….?

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