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30 thoughts on “Dermatologist discusses what causes, how to treat dry skin

  1. Hi friends I reviewed this face bar for dry skin that has MADE MY SKIN SOOOOOO soft on my channel check it out! I am so in love with it!!

  2. The skin in and around my eyebrows lately have been SUPER flaky and dry for some reason, also patches around my mouth and I’ve been drenching them in coconut oil after I literally pluck the dry patches off with tweezers.I guess it would be the weather change that happens daily (extreme heat and then cold) but I’m wondering why my skin is turning dry like 2 weeks ago? But I also read an imbalanced diet can create dry skin….with eating problems that makes sense.

  3. I live in Malaysia which its weather usually humid but still I got dry skin problem, I couldn’t imagine how my skin would turn into if I live in cold weather regions

  4. Dr Apple Bodemer attended and graduated from University Of Wisconsin Medical School in 2001, having over 17 years of diverse experience, especially in Dermatology.

  5. Cetaphil face wash kinda stinking burning effect I have used a million different products and I have to say the best face wash I have ever used is Avenno baby eczema body wash and another product called lipakar has to be the combo i have ever used

  6. Cerave daily moisturizer does nothing for me,Cerave pm moisturizer doesn't moisturiz me at all but does brighten my uneven skin tone .Aveeno positively radiant cleanser also brighten my skin tone .

  7. My laconic skin standard at the moment involves doublebase harden

  8. My desiccate skin regular at this time involves doublebase set

  9. I uncovered this skin rashes guidebook “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Google it) 2 winters ago when I had been suffering from a really bad eczema episode on my wrists. My hands were red-colored, itchy, very dry. This is a good guidebook. I wasn`t out of the hassle of wrapping my very own palms, thanks to this guide. I recommend it.. .

  10. Vasealin in the way to go!!!! I promise it will!! I have really dry skin and my dry skin would not go away for months on end I tried everything from expensive lotions to new skin care routine but I soon as I put on Vaseline it was gone in two days, but if you can’t get rid of your dry skin just use Vaseline I promise it will work:) (I also have eczema)

  11. I have icthyosis and after showering i apply the moisturizer BEFORE I step out of the shower…the air change will cause your pours to close

  12. My own right hand was afflicted with a terrible skin rash for half a year and that i conferred with a lot of skin experts to remedy my issue but to no avail. Just after employing numerous high priced anabolic steroid lotions and creams and such, a great pal advised I consider eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). There was no longer rashes immediately after a couple weeks of making use of it.. .

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