Taking Charge of Your Health

Diabetes in Ayurveda occupies a place among the list of diseases termed as maharogas, which means diseases difficult to cure completely. Diabetes is not the result of dysfunction of any of
the internal organs or a hormonal deficiency. It occurs when the Medho dhatu (fat) loses its stability. Medho dhatu is slowly expelled out of the body in diabetic patients. Ayurvedic treatment tries to control this loss of dhatu. Exercises play a very significant role in maintaining the stability of medho dhatu. Patients should avoid kapha increasing foods. A diabetic is advised not to eat too many foods
that are having madhura rasa (mainly carbohydrates). Another important thing is that diabetics should never use
too much salt in their food. Sedentary works must be avoided. During day time a nap is allowed if
necessary, but avoids a long sleep. Never refrain from sleep during nights. Treatment with drugs that contain tarmerie and gooseberry helps act on medho dhatu. Taking regular pills alone cannot cure diabetes. A planned and disciplined life style can bring great benefits. Organs which are adversely affected due to diabetes are eyes, blood vessels and kidneys. Therefore diabetic patients are advised to undergo periodical checkups and take precautionary measures.

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