Taking Charge of Your Health

this video is an attempt to make a
diabetes free world nobody in this world need to die or live with diabetes if you
are a diabetes patient and on medication or insulin you have a choice not to be
on medication and insulin for rest of your life by just following a Diep diet
VIP tied to the kind of diet which can help you to reverse diabetes within 72
hours to learn about this diet you log in to my youtube channel dr. Bishop so3
and watch my video called diabetes type 1 and type 2 cure in 72 hours this video
is available in English in Hindi in Vietnamese in Swiss language inconel in
Bangla but if your language of preference is all in these languages
then it would be my pleasure to send you a free ebook called diabetes free world
this book is published in major international languages including
Chinese Spanish Russian French German in donation you just have to send me a
request in this Eid as you can see on the screen with a language of preference
I will be happy to send you the free book diabetes free world I have seen
that the patient the diabetes patient who followed the di-pi diet 95% of them
are able to recover are able to reverse diabetes only 5% the diabetes patient
specially the diabetes type 1 patient or the insulin dependent patient or the
patient with multiple therapy or the patient with a very very long history of
diabetes may be about two decades or more of diabetes or the patient who had
some more complications including kidney failure or heart disease they are the
one those who may need my supervision and monitoring during the first three
days of adopting the DI P diet me and my medical team can help you during the
first three days because the moment you start with the di P guide then the first
few hours your body starts producing more insulin your blood sugars start
dropping this means accordingly you need to taper down the medication accordingly
you need to readjust the insulin dosage and there you need an expert team you
can get me at the click of a button just download an app called diabetes 72 there
is an app for Android phone and iPhone both the modes and once you install this
app diabetes 72 in your mobile phone the first screen will be like this as
you can see on this screen the next screen is a login screen on the
right hand side talk you will see the register now button click that button
and fill all the necessary information including your email ID and phone number
my medical team will contact you to get your medical history to get your current
medication those medical case study will come to me me and egg my expert team
they will see whether there is some possibility of helping you to reverse
your diabetes either partially or completely once you get the approval my
team will contact you with the approval and now is a time to pay the processing
fees and that is about $200 once you pay the processing fees you’ll get an OTP
after you receive an OTP from us that is the number a password then the first
screen will come on the mobile that is this which is called the login screen
the same screen through which you have registered initially in the login screen
you have to put your mobile number the same mobile number which you put on the
register now screen and then the next screen will be the OTP screen where you
have to put the OTP as you got from us and now you are ready to join us here
after you are registered successfully by pressing the OTP
number then the first thing you will get is the profile here you have to send you
have to write some more details as prompted by the app and once you finish
all those details now comes the 72 hours journey in this
journey which normally starts in Friday 6 a.m. the first thing you will get this
good chat as you can see on the screen and the first message will get a welcome
speech from me after the speech will be prompted to
send your fasting blood sugar while sending the fasting blood sugar you also
have to click the photograph of the glucometer and send it to to us through
this app only if you send the fasting the sugar only if you send the picture
of the glucometer the app will move forward otherwise you will be stuck this
means you have to perform every task as prompted by the app this means time to
time the app will come to you with certain recipes certain activities
sometimes the best sugar reading sometimes your body weight and sometimes
some of the activities so you have to keep on following the app and you have
to keep on posting and in accordance to what you are being asked for example
here at the bottom you can see a tab called personal chat interface you will
receive the recipes the kind of recipe which is meant just for you
customized for you in accordance to your medical history in accordance to your
current medication so this is a journey of 72 hours which we start on Friday and
finish on Monday during this journey you may have several questions in your mind
to ask me a question on the right hand side top you can see a question mark you
can click that button and there you can write your question and if you have some
emergency situation or any discomfort and symptomatic difficulty then you can
use that button very important button called SOS and in that button through
that button you can get immediately in touch with my medical team and you can
post your discomfort and we’ll try to help you out as soon as possible so this
app is a journey of 72 hours and here the purpose is through this journey we
try to understand your body’s metabolism rate and accordingly we devise a
customized diet plan which can work for you like a medicine this means food as
medicine this journey is a virtual journey a virtual tour but I hope some
day we meet in person this doctor Bashir Oprah’s Audrey
all the best thank you you

15 thoughts on “Diabetes Free World “Diabetes72” App (हिन्दी सब-टाइटल) Dr Biswaroop

  1. Aap sach m iss klyug k krishna ho bhai ji.
    Jo bimari rupi rakshas se bachane aaye ho sbko.
    Weldone bhai.

  2. Hello Sir I'm Your biggest fan and I seen your all You tube videos और मैं मेरे ग्रुप में सभी डायबिटीज पेशेंट को डीआईपी डाइट बताता हूं ऐसे करके बहुत से लोगों का डायबिटीज ठीक कर दिया है मैंने लेकिन मैं अपनी डायबिटीज ठीक नहीं कर सका मैं डायबिटीज टाइप वन पेशेंट हूं सर और पिछले 6 महीने से सेकंड गियर डाइट प्लान पर हूं जिससे मेरी इंसुलिन 20 यूनिट पर आकर स्टेबल हो गई है इससे नीचे नहीं जा रही है मैंने आपके कई डायबिटीज एजुकेटर से बात की जिसमें डॉक्टर पवन वधावन पानीपत से तो उन्होंने साफ मना कर दिया कि टाइप वन क्योंर नहीं हो सकता है है और जो भी बोल रहा है की टाइप वन क्योंर हो सकता है वह झूठ बोल रहा है सर में बहुत परेशानी में हूं कृपया मेरी मदद कीजिए मेरी आर्थिक परिस्थिति बहुत कमजोर है इसलिए मैं आपकी फीस अफोर्ड नहीं कर सकता कृपया करके मेरी मदद कीजिए मैं आपका एहसान जीवन भर नहीं भूलूंगा मैंने आपकी ईमेल आईडी पर भी काफी बार मैसेज किए लेकिन वहां से भी कोई जवाब नहीं मिला प्लीज प्लीज प्लीज सर हेल्प मी एंड सजेस्ट मी टू क्यूर माई टाइप वन डायबिटीज

  3. We love I have already promoted you in USA for last 4 years
    You have changed my concept of seeing
    Things diabetes
    I am pre diabetes
    For last 7 years
    I am being
    Told by Doctor
    To take 1 pill
    My reply for 7 years is
    Give me 3 reference
    Your pill
    Has cured anyone
    Till today
    They do not
    Have 3 reference
    So I am being not pushed for pills
    Thanks to you

  4. Sir ji, parkinson ki wajah se hath aur pair bahut kampane lage hai thodi si awaaz hote hi heart beat bhi bad jaati hai memory loss bhi bahut hota hai darr bhi bahut lagta hai kya karu please batae 34 age hi hai

  5. Sir good afternoon my age 33 years old. Sir my cervical problem from 2 -3 years so plz any professional nursing staff in emergency department. my cervical problem including symptoms mood swings, hadaqe, cervical pain etc. thanks

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