Taking Charge of Your Health

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bell icon for the latest notifications it’s a no-brainer that high sugar levels
can lead to a lot of health complications the most prominent and
dangerous one is diabetes so start taking care of your blood sugar levels
before it’s too late and the smart way to do so is to use natural remedies
let’s talk about some of great effective spices and herbs to manage your blood
sugar levels and control diabetes one chillage eat shilajit is found in the
himalayas it’s at our light mineral oil that owes us out of these mountains its
color can range from light brown to dark brown it has antioxidant properties and
has been used to improve muscle power reduce the risk of heart disease slow
down aging and boost fertility it has also been found that shilajit can help
stabilize the blood sugar levels to dim them a silvestri this plant is literally
called sugar destroyer so you can well imagine it’s diabetes busting properties
the herb is loaded with glycosides known as gem Namek acids these
essentially reduce your taste buds sensitivity to sweet things thereby
lowering sugar cravings in pre-diabetics it increases the enzyme activity in the
cells which results in utilization of excess glucose in the body it can also
positively affect insulin production 3 Ginn Singh ginseng has been known as an
immunity boosting and disease fighting her for ages but researchers have
recently found that it also contains anti diabetics properties when you take
in seing the absorption of carbohydrates slows down and the cells take up and use
more glucose apart from that insulin production in the pancreas also
increases all these contributes to healthier body
that is less prone to diabetes for cinnamon this strong-smelling spice
derived from the bark of cinnamon trees is regularly used in South Asian
cuisines and desserts it’s an amazing herbal cure for diabetes
and treat obesity muscle spasms diarrhea and common cold many studies have
confirmed that consuming cinnamon regularly can help to control high blood
sugar and hence it can be used as an alternative medicine to treat diabetes
five sage consuming sage on an empty stomach can help reduce the blood
glucose levels significantly it boosts insulin secretion and activity which
helps to curb blood sugar in pre diabetics and manage it in type 2
diabetics apart from that it also effects liver function positively thus
improving immunity although favored as an addition to meat dishes this herb is
at its medicinal best when it is consumed as t6 finna Greek fenugreek
seeds and leaves are extremely useful to treat metabolic disorder and digestive
problems it has been used since ages to treat hair fall skin issues and slow
metabolism this spice is also widely used in various cuisines a study
confirmed that fenugreek seeds have luck glucose lowering effects and can be used
to treat type 2 diabetes 7 neem neighbor is a director indica is native to India
Ayurvedic says that Nev has anti diabetics antifungal antibacterial and
anti-inflammatory properties a few studies show that it possesses blood
glucose lowering properties this confirms Nimes anti-diabetic property as
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