Taking Charge of Your Health

I started the path and then life took me in
a different direction and I had to stop. I’m glad that I did because when I came
back-look what has been created. It’s amazing, totally amazing. Back in whatever year that was, when we were
even at your home, you were having classes at your home in San Diego and Del Mar. Dr. Paul and what he’s created is like a
prayer answered starting off with the Quantum Biofeedback. We were lost. We were practitioners that were just lost. He came in and brought it all together and
this is what he’s created. It has just been a pleasure and an honor. I have watched Alexis go from the surfer dude
student to the excellent, well, he’s just a genius, and now married and happily married,
and watched Dr. Paul get younger as the years have gone, as you’ve seen in the pictures
he’s younger now than he was. I think Christiane said it as well as anybody-a
new family, and I’m very honored to be in this wonderful Quantum family and I wish everyone
success. Thank you very much.

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