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hi welcome back to Garden Ninja now
it’s day 1 of build on the BBC sunshine garden I’m here at Tatton park early
doors to start marking up the plot. So I’m going to be taking this and then in
about a week’s time it’ll be all here in the ground looking absolutely amazing! But for now its just bear earth so I’m gonna get the spray line out start marking out
the different areas of the paths and where the arbours going to go I’m gonna keep
you updated on this the progress at the BBC sunshine garden at RHS Tatton 2019. So
it’s day two on the build here at RHS Tatton and we’ve got loads on today
so if you can see behind me we’ve got the paving down which is the yellow
granite from CED stone we’ve got one of the fence posts in there of Jackson’s
have provided some lovely fence panels that are going to compliment the other
and the design really nicely so loads of happen today tomorrow the fencing is
gonna go in I’m going to start to seal the stone and make preparations for the
tree and the other shrubs to arrive so more from me tomorrow the garden ninja! Welcome back to garden ninja it’s day
three it’s been throwing it down with rain all afternoon everyone’s looking really
busy, people busy beavering away we’ve got all of our paving down today which is
fantastic the fence panels and all the Venetian panels are in we’ve got a bit
of a make do cover because some of the paving is just been set down so we don’t
need to get too wet but tomorrow the plants arrive the amazing arbour is gonna
come the green roof goes on in all starts to kick start tomorrow so
this is probably about as much I’m going to do today
hairs a mess, I’m wet, I’m going hme! Welcome back to garden ninja we are
on day three of build the incredible incredible incredible Arbor has gone in
pavings all finished the sort of the hard landscaping is all done now so it’s
time to move on to planting now I’d love to show it off I’m going to keep an
element of surprise but I can say that the Arbor that Graham Leece has built is
just absolutely wonderful so I can not wait to start planting tomorrow check back
for more from me the Garden Ninja Line, lines, lines! Arbour! (To the theme of Jaws) Hi welcome back to garden ninja now it’s
day five on the sunshine garden for BBC Northwest tonight in memory of Dianne
Oxberry today me and the team have been planting up these red-hot borders so
we’ve got the Fryers rose in memory of Dianne that’s gone in next to the arbour
and you can see behind me started on the red-hot borders full of like Heleniums
Rudbeckia and really bright sunshine positive enthusiastic plants so I’m not
gonna give too much away because you’re gonna have to come and see it next week
tomorrow we’re going to be carrying on the planting scheme and weaving some
more interesting specimens on the front of the garden so check back for me
garden ninja! So it’s the day before press day here
at Tatton and the garden is now complete absolutely cannot wait to show the
general public what we’ve achieved in a small space in memory of Dianne so for
all the hot colours we’ve got the arbour behind as it’s been handcrafted by Graham, the potting bench, the fruit tree and all these pollen rich plants I can’t wait to
give people a tour around this garden and see what they think! Lastly we’d like to thank all the
sponsors that have made the garden possible of Jackson’s fencing CED Stone
Graham Leece’s carpentry Morris & Ball the builders Bernhards plants and everyone
else who’s contributed either their time or the horticultural expertise to
make this happen! I’ve been Garden Ninja happy gardening!

10 thoughts on “Dianne Oxberry Sunshine Garden Tatton 2019

  1. Absolutely stunning, but all your work is. Look forward to more content. You provide me such inspiration.Be well

  2. Absolutely great video. I had such a fantastic 4 days as your little helper. As always it was amazing to watch how all your expert planning and amazing skills all came together day by day. The finished result was absolutely fabulous and stunning. We had a really enjoyable experience together, one I would not have missed for the world. We (your parents) are so so proud of all your garden design achievements. You have achieved so much in just a few years and I am very proud to have been with you last year at Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows and at Tatton, which has been totally incredible. I feel very privileged. Lots of love from Mum (Mothership) and Dad. 💙🤗😍🤩

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